3 Reasons why I join Mr Gan’s H2 Maths Tuition Lessons!

Timothy Gan

Hi JC Math students! As a student who has been through the TORTURE that is – A Levels, I understand your pain and stress from H2 Math. However, Mr Gan made my life as a H2 Math student significantly easier because of his meticulously and carefully curated materials. I even achieved an A for my A Level H2 Mathematics!
Here are 3 reasons why Mr Gan’s materials are definitely gonna help you in your journey to cop an “A” during A Levels. 

Reason 1: Concise notes arranged according to question type.

Have you ever been frustrated by notes given by your school that seem to contain never ending pages with seemingly insignificant information? (No shade intended) For example:  “This is how mathematicians from a very long time ago found out about [insert name of theory that is out of syllabus but somehow distantly related to the math topic currently ruining my life]”. Or even worse, the questions discussed during lectures and tutorials (which you can do) make you feel like you’re ready to conquer your exams! But that’s all ruined when you open the exam paper and every question looks foreign. (Making you contemplate why you ever chose JC once again.)

To help you overcome these widely faced issues, Mr Gan keeps his notes clear and to the point, something which I appreciated very much. Only essential information is included in his notes. In addition, Mr Gan sorts the practice questions in his notes according to question types, with increasing difficulty of the same question type in each unit. This helps immensely in consolidating information and revising for exams as it makes it easier to identify which areas you’re weak in and need to improve on 

Reason 2: Online Portal 

Sometimes it can be very tough to remember everything you’ve been taught, be it in school or tuition classes. To make things worse, teachers may be too busy managing their workload in school and their huge number of students that they don’t have enough spare time  to conduct consultation sessions for everyone.  

With the online portal, it is SO much easier to revise for tests or just refresh the information on your own. The video lectures on Mr Gan’s portal contain explanations to concepts as well as difficult questions. Since the videos are all relatively short, it acts as a very efficient form of revision, ultimately saving you time and money (because holiday crash course tuition classes are no longer as necessary.) In addition, the fact that the content for the whole H2 math syllabus is online makes it possible to study on the go or on holidays, without needing to lug your heavy lecture notes around with you. 

Reason 3: Conceptual Checkpoints

Last but not least, we have Mr Gan’s Conceptual Checkpoints, which are 15-minute mini tests that he gives out on a regular basis. When I was still a student, I sometimes wished for more small tests in school to help me track my progress more regularly. (Not because I liked exams, but because it would force me to study.) As such, these conceptual checkpoints helped me immensely in my revision as they very obviously highlighted my weaknesses and topics that I needed to improve on. The high frequency of these tests also helped in honing my time management skills and prepare me for taking tests under exam conditions. 

All in all, the effort Mr Gan put into developing the best resources for his students has really paid off. I highly recommend joining him to gain access to all this amazing material in addition his tuition classes. 


Written By

Phoebe Tay

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Batch 2018-2019 

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

3 Reasons why I join Mr Gan's H2 Maths Tuition Lessons!

Published: 2nd August 2023
Written by
Timothy Gan
This is Tim. Tim loves to teach math. Tim seeks to improve his teaching incessantly! Help Tim by telling him how he can do better.
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