5 Best Tips To Help You Breeze Through Online Math Tuition

Timothy Gan

Everybody who has had to sit through classes at school knows how much of a challenge learning Math can be. You might even be familiar with the anxious feeling that comes with every Math test.

But doing it online can be even more of a challenge for some people because learning it outside of classroom walls and through a computer screen is a new feat.

Worry not because we have gathered some tips that you can use to help you take your online Math tuition with ease. If you don’t quite know where to start, read on. 

1. Don’t go rushing in

The mistake that most people do with online Math tuitions, whether it’s JC or IP maths tuition, is that they dive into it directly, completely underestimating its nuances because of the fact that they can do it at the comforts of home. Don’t make this mistake because it is a recipe that is bound for failure. 

If you can, ease into it – start with classes that you can take at your convenience, and read relevant materials as much as you can. Most of the time, Math courses will have a review chapter for you to read.

If not, maybe you can ask your tutor for one. Before you formally attend your online tuition, take time in reading and going through these chapters so that you can test the waters and make yourself familiar with its particularities. You’ll find it much easier to sit through and understand the discussions.

2. Do not hesitate to ask

Most students don’t ask questions because they feel like their question is too basic to even be raised in the first place, or they’re afraid of letting the instructor know that they don’t understand the concept that is being presented.

This is a mistake that you shouldn’t be making because given Math’s systematic nature, a question that is left unanswered will domino into more questions. 

Think of your confusion like a snowball – the more you let it slide, the bigger it will get. That is why if you want to make sure that you’re learning as much as you can, you have to ask questions if you have any. Happen to encounter a confusion while doing trigonometry? Let your tutor know so that nothing will hold you back from proceeding to the next topic.

3. Integrate your online tuition into your routine

Once you get the hang of your virtual Math course, you should be able to find adjusting your daily routine for it easy. Depending on how long your course takes, dedicating a certain amount of your day for it helps in making sure that you come in mentally and physically prepared. 

4. Use as much resources as you can

Just because your Math course is held virtually doesn’t mean you can just rely on screen recordings and call it a day. This will lead to a lot of confusion as the tuition goes, which is why you should get as much resource as you can. If your tutor will be providing you with course notes, use them to complement the discussions so that you will have a firmer grip on the tackled concept. 

Apart from academic resources, you should also interact with your “classmates” because they are the ones who are taking and learning the course as frequent as you are. Within your classmates, you should be able to find someone who you might share the same wavelength with, and exchange arithmetic methods with.

It also helps in reminding you that you are not alone should you find the lesson confusing, giving you that confidence boost that you need to raise your question.

5. Find a tuition that works for you

Just because you’re taking your Math courses online doesn’t mean you can just sign up for any tuition offers that you can find online – you have to make sure that your tutors are right for the type of learner that you are, and the competency that you possess.

With every learning centre, there are different course types with different levels that you can choose from, such as JC H2 Math tuition, O-level Math tuition, IP Math Tuition, and more.

With these tips on hand, you are sure to reap the benefits of math tuition, and eventually improve your grades, or better yet – ace your exam papers! With enough effort, practice, and assistance – no Math question will ever be too hard to tackle.

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Published: 25th March 2022
Written by
Timothy Gan
This is Tim. Tim loves to teach math. Tim seeks to improve his teaching incessantly! Help Tim by telling him how he can do better.
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