Hi students, since there are only days left to A levels, I will share with you what to do to see if it can help or enhance your study plans.

1. Know the topics you are weak in

Based on your prelims and your own experience, you have a sensing of what topics you are weak in. For weaker topics, just try and allocate more time for them. For topics you are confident in, do some prelims questions on them or past year topical questions. Make use of the portal resources, use the Q&A, assignment questions etc. If you are generally okay with all topics, then allocate time-based on the proportion of marks of each topic.

2. Master the major topics

In H2 math, Vectors takes up 30 marks and Integration techniques affect D.E. and Applications, which could amount to 30 marks too. Typically, once you get these two topics right, you already have 60 marks out of 200 marks in.
3. Master concepts not memorizing steps
In many branches of mathematics, mastering of concepts is paramount. That is why you have more M1 marks than A1 marks in papers. Try not to heavily memorize methods to questions types, watch and learn how to think and approach the questions, listen to what I said and how to approach and think through the questions.

4. Time management, The Pomodoro Technique

Time management is crucial now. You can’t just study straight for 5 hours without break, it is just not humanly possible. I will share with you what I am doing now, it is called the Pomodoro technique. Basically, study for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. During that break, do whatever you want, like playing a game or watch YouTube videos to recharge and rest your brain. Then process repeats. Take a long break of 15 minutes after 4 cycles. This technique is very effective for me, I find myself getting more things done. You can read it here,
Article: https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/pomodoro-technique
Timer: https://pomofocus.io/
So, I would suggest, break down and allocate more time slots for the topics you are weak in or major topics (Vectors, Complex Numbers and Integration and its applications). In every 25 minutes, do about 5 – 8 marks of questions and review Video explanation when needed. Write down notes for concepts do not just copy answers. Right answers are not that important, concepts are.
I hope these help, please let me know if you need any further help.

5. Time yourself

One of the many reasons why I think mock papers are important. I think you need to sit through papers which are set similar to the A level standard, probably a bit harder. To see how you stand for these papers. Try to do questions without help and see how much concepts you can recall within a time frame.

Jia you for A’s! Don’t get too affected by Prelims results. I have students who got A but flunk prelims. But I also have students who got A in prelims but got B in A-Level. So, what you do now in the last stretch matters. Plan your time, and time your plan.

Mr Gan

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