How to choose a good h2 math tutor to help you succeed? – 5 important traits

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Knowing how to choose a good H2 Math tutor is crucial and it’s will be the most effective when you engage them earlier in your JC years. There are so many H2 math tutors in the market that sometimes deciding on the one that will suit you or your child best can be a daunting task. Moreover, you only have less than 2 years to make the best decision. 

We have also covered how to find the best h2 math tuition programme to meet your learning needs previously.

The most important trait to look for in a math tutor is his or her attitude towards education. A good tutor will not just focus on giving you answers but a framework of how to understand the concepts, not on how much time you want to spend on them. This is a good thing if you want to learn more, not less. However, there are other things you should look out for as well. A good tutor should be reliable. If they give you bad answers or misguide you in any way, then they aren’t a good tutor.

In this article, we would want to discuss what are some of the common traits of a good H2 math tutor. 

1. The Numbers of students

– because numbers never lie.

Let’s face it, JC students lead hectic lives. With school commitments, CCA, academia and social life, JC students find their time increasingly precious and would not want to spend time on things that do not benefit them. Most JC students do not want to waste time on tuition. Thus, one good indicator of a good math tutor would be the number of students he has as students are willing to travel for the lessons and find that the lessons are worth their time and money. It shows that the educator is effective and they are gaining from the learning experience. No matter how we would like to debate the effectiveness of a tutor, numbers never lie

H2 Maths Lecture Tuition at NUS SFAH
NUS Mass Lecture 2019

2. The Steady Improvement of Results

Choose a good H2 math tutor How to choose a good h2 math tutor to help you succeed? – 5 important traits

because results matter ultimately

This is probably one of the main reasons, if not the only reason, why parents send their children for tuition. This is also closely related to the previous point, i.e. if the results do not show, the numbers would be weak. The A level examination is crucial for universities’ applications, there is no reason to say that the importance of the outcome is otherwise.  Choose a math tutor from which you feel enlightened after every lesson.

3. The Rapport with students

– because it helps with learning

One way to learn better in class is to ask questions and it is no surprise why teachers who possess good teacher-student relations (TSR) are effective educators; as it provides a safe learning environment to ask questions without being afraid of the teacher. As such, approachability is paramount to students’ success in learning especially for subjects like H2 Math at JC level.  

Choose a good H2 math tutor How to choose a good h2 math tutor to help you succeed? – 5 important traits

4. Specialisation of H2 Math

Choose a good H2 math tutor How to choose a good h2 math tutor to help you succeed? – 5 important traits

– because it means concentration of the skill

Tutors who claim that they can teach a few JC subjects and say that they are subject experts are not putting enough effort into the lesson preparations. Any good JC tutors understand that lesson preparation for any JC subject is demanding. Akin to any service industry, a true subject specialist only focuses on one field. It takes time and effort to hone the skill to explain abstract concepts to students and it is a constant learning process for the tutor. Thus, a good JC math tutor specializes. 

5. The Resourcefulness of an H2 Math Tutor

– because 2 hrs a week is just not enough

H2 Math needs constant practice, it’s even so for H2 mathematics. Any sensible students and teachers would tell you that 2 hours per week of mathematics won’t cut it. You need constant practice and assistance. Thankfully, with the help of technology, practice questions and solutions and video tutorials could be made available to students via the online portal. That is of course if the tutor provides this service for the students. 

H2 Math Tuition Resourcefulness

Here are some of the resources we created for our students to supercharge their learning in H2 Mathematics. 

  • H2 Math Question Bank – It’s our own H2 Math Netflix where we store thousands of questions for our students to practice.
  • Online Community – It’s our own Reddit where students can ask any questions and Mr Gan will answer with video solutions!
  • H2 Math Summary Notes (H2 Math Bible) – a complete H2 math guide for the H2 math students. You could download a sample here!

You could find a short write-up of all our H2 Math Learning Systems.

Ways to find the best Math tutor for you – Private Tuition or Group Tuition?

There are essentially 2 kinds of H2 Math tuition types: Private Tuition and Group Tuition. Before choosing the type of tuition which suits you, you must first consider your learning style and understand the H2 Maths syllabus and questioning techniques.

Knowing the type of questions and how does H2 math tutor can help

H2 math is about problem-solving and critical thinking. Thus, it’s important to know what are the types of questions you need to overcome before you engage a tutor. There are essentially 4 types of examination questions,

  1. Questions you know that you can do – These are typically simple and straightforward questions that you see in the examinations.
  2. Questions you don’t know that you can do – These are the types of questions you may not see that often but when you encounter them you know how to solve them.
  3. Questions you know that you cannot do – These are the types of questions that you have seen and tried in tutorials prior to exams but still struggle to solve in exams.
  4. Questions that you don’t know about and can’t do – These are the scariest types of questions that you don’t know their existence and you will leave the last to attempt in exams.
The types of H2 math questions and where tutors stand
The types of H2 math Questions

Needless to say, most tutors are able to address the first 2 types of questions. For questions of types 3 and 4, not all tutors are able to address them as they require teaching experience and resourcefulness. A good tutor will be able to address questions types 1, 2, 3; a great tutor will go the extra mile to address and show the existence of type 4 questions.

Unfortunately, as a JC student, you do not have the luxury of time for tutors hoping that many times as there are only 1.5 years of JC life before A levels. Your H2 math grade is important for the application to university so you have to choose wisely.

Knowing your style of learning before choosing a good H2 Math Tutor

H2 Math Tutor with Quality Resources

Are you comfortable learning in a group setting? Do you need a structured curriculum? What do you need out of an H2 Math tutor – Just Question and Answers or teach?

Over the years, our experience tells us that, students who are more self-directed and motivated in their learning are more suited in a group setting as what they need are proper structure and quality resources to excel in H2 math. Our students love our H2 Math Question Bank which contained all the past year’s TYS questions, prelims questions and tutorial questions with detailed video solutions. And the ability to ask tutors for consultation after lessons is also available for students who need to clear their doubts. There is plenty of help and material available in a group tuition setting. There are assessments and conceptual tests which will be administered too.

You can read more about why students prefer group tuition over private tuition here.

However, having said that, sometimes students do find it intimidating to learn in a group setting. Thus, we would recommend looking for a 1-1 H2 Math private tutor for that extra attention.

So knowing your learning style is an important factor to consider before choosing a group or private tuition.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Private and Group tuition.

Private TuitionGroup Tuition
Structured Curriculum
Quality TutorVaries Greatly
Quality Resources
Homework Support
Flexible Scheduling
1-1 AttentionConsultation with tutor
Private versus Group Tuition

How can you find a tutor in your area?

Here are some of the locations of Tim Gan Math Tuition Centres. Do note that, specialisation in the subject is really important, especially at A-Level. As specialisation means these tutors have time to hone their craft and improve on their lesson deliverables. To gauge and understand Mr Gan’s teaching style, please take time to read the students’ testimonials in Google reviews. We currently have 3 branches in 2 locations.

In the North-East

  • Tim Gan Math Learning Centre – Thomson

Central Region

  • Tim Gan Math Learning Centre – Coronation Plaza
  • Tim Gan Math Learning Centre – King’s Arcade

To find a private Singapore H2 Math tutor

We acknowledge that not all students would like the settings of a group tuition setting. Thus, we also offer private H2 Math tuition. Our tutors are chosen through strict selection processes and are minimally MOE-trained or possess Higher Education Degrees in Mathematics (such as Masters or PhD specialising in Mathematics). On top of that, our one-to-one students will also get access to all our online resources (such as the online learning portal and H2 Maths Question Bank) and notes. Depending on the credentials and experience of the tutor, our rates for private H2 Math tuition range from SGD100/h to SGD180/h.


Whether you decide to go with a group or private tuition, we would always recommend students start with a trial lesson of H2 Math Tuition to see if the tutor is a good fit. The academic rigour of H2 math makes the role of the educator a strong determinant of students’ success. You can always try a few trial lessons before deciding. 

One of the effective ways to gauge the competence of a tutor is to get him/her to teach a difficult topic such as Integration or Vectors. Apart from that, make sure that the guidance and explanation given is able to clear your doubt.

All the best!

Published: 3rd June 2023
Written by
Timothy Gan
This is Tim. Tim loves to teach math. Tim seeks to improve his teaching incessantly! Help Tim by telling him how he can do better.
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