A Parent’s Guide To Effective Online Math Tuition

Timothy Gan

In school, most students would consider Math as the subject that they dread the most because of its challenging nature. As a matter of fact, the challenge can be quite overwhelming for some students. When it happens, low math grades can be obtained, which isn’t ideal if there is a specific grade point that needs to be met or maintained.

Luckily, there are a lot of alternative learning solutions, all of which are tailored towards helping students understand Math. The nuances that these solutions have could range from the pacing that the lesson plan follows, the level of Math, the student’s comprehension level, all the way to the setting that the tuition is held in.

Most parents would often turn to online tuition as a learning alternative because it allows them to be more hands-on with their child’s learning, and also to be selective with the work and activities that their child takes part in. But if parents don’t do it correctly, it could easily be ineffective regardless of how well-trained or seasoned the instructor is.

With everything taken into consideration, parents play a huge role in helping their children with their online tuition for challenging subjects such as Math. Here is how you can make your child more focused and conditioned to learn and succeed.

1. Reduce distractions as much as you can

Given that online tuition will most likely take place within the comforts of your own home, there are a lot of things in place that may be cause of distraction – television sets, smartphones and other gadgets, toys, and so much more. If your child has access to these items, they will be tempted to use them instead of focusing on the discussion or task.

As a parent, it is in your best interest to keep your child focused as long as possible, because their attention span can only last for so long. To do this, you can limit the use of these distracting items until they are done with schoolwork. Better yet, you can even hide them from your child when their tuition is in progress because the mere sight of these items can be a cause of distraction.

2. Establish a schedule

To help your child get a firmer grip on Math, following a schedule helps when the upcoming session for their IP maths tuition is approaching. As a parent, you should set up a time for them to wake up, get themselves ready for the day, to dedicate time towards their online tuition, to study, and more. Establishing a schedule helps to make sure that they are right on track, which ultimately will help them be more productive.

As much as you want them to dedicate themselves wholly towards learning, you should also make it a point that your child has time to unwind and relax. This will help condition them better to internalise more information as the tuition progresses, and to make sure that they don’t burn themselves out.

3. Be particular with your child’s online tuition

Regardless of how much preparation and effort you make to helping your child with their online tuition, knowing the learning centre that will provide your child with online tuition is the most important because they are the ones who will be interacting with your child the most.

They are the ones who will be teaching your child different strategies, giving them activities, quizzes, exams, and more. Be it a level or JC maths tuition, you don’t want to sign your child up for online tuition with tutors who don’t possess the necessary skill and knowledge to keep your child learning and motivated.


It always takes two hands to clap when it comes to a little one’s learning journey – both parent and child. Provide them with support throughout and let them unleash their full potential.

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Published: 25th March 2022
Written by
Timothy Gan
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