Introducing Our Sec 1 Assessment Book: From Concepts to Confidence

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Welcome to Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, where we have been dedicated to nurturing mathematical excellence since our establishment in 2017. At our centre, we are committed to providing quality resources and employing effective pedagogies that empower students to excel in mathematics.

Principal Tutor Mr. Timothy Gan, driven by his passion for education, identified a critical issue hindering students’ progress in mathematics: a lack of solid conceptual understanding. To address this challenge, he embarked on a mission to create a groundbreaking solution. Today, we proudly introduce our latest innovation: the Secondary 1 Mathematics: 150 Essential Practice Questions with video solutions!

This comprehensive resource is not just another textbook; it represents a culmination of years of teaching experience and meticulous planning. It features 150 carefully selected questions that cover essential topics, aimed at strengthening conceptual understanding and refining problem-solving skills. Each question is strategically crafted to challenge and engage students, ensuring they develop a solid foundation from the onset of their secondary education.

One of the standout features of our assessment book is the inclusion of step-by-step video solutions. Crafted by former MOE-trained educators, these expertly guided explanations provide clarity and mastery for every question. This innovative approach not only aids in solving problems but also enriches students’ learning experience by offering insights into the reasoning behind each solution.

Furthermore, our Sec 1 Assessment Book goes beyond conventional practice materials by offering bonus practice questions. These additional 30 questions, provided at no extra cost, offer extended opportunities for students to reinforce key mathematical concepts and sharpen their skills. Coupled with an online learning platform, students gain access to exclusive tools and resources that support continuous learning and exploration. This platform is designed to complement classroom learning, offering a dynamic environment where students can engage with interactive exercises and further enhance their understanding.

First assessment book with complete video solutions on an online learning portal

Aligned with the latest MOE syllabus, our assessment book ensures relevance and adherence to the newest curriculum guidelines. Each question in the book is meticulously crafted and grouped according to an increasing level of difficulty, ensuring that students can progress steadily and confidently from basic concepts to advanced problem-solving. Moreover, contextualized questions based on real-world scenarios promote practical application, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical principles in everyday contexts.

For a limited time, we are offering an exclusive bundle deal on Shopee and Lazada: purchase two Sec 1 Assessment Books (Volume 1A and 1B) for only $35.95! This special offer not only saves you money but also ensures that your child has ample practice and reinforcement of key mathematical concepts. Act fast to take advantage of this limited-time bundle offer! Equip your child with the tools they need to succeed in mathematics while enjoying substantial savings. Whether your child is preparing for exams or aiming to build a strong foundation in math, our Sec 1 Assessment Book is the ideal companion. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your child’s confidence and performance in mathematics!

In conclusion, our Sec 1 Assessment Book from Tim Gan Math Learning Centre offers a robust platform for students to enhance their mathematical skills with 150 thoughtfully curated questions, expert video solutions, and bonus practice sections. Designed to align seamlessly with the latest MOE syllabus and supported by a 24-month online portal subscription, this resource ensures continuous learning and comprehensive preparation. Here are some preview the book’s content (Volume 1A & Volume 1B) and discover how we can support your child’s academic journey in mathematics and beyond!

Published: 28th June 2024
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