5 ways to find a good H2 Math tutor

There are so many JC mathematics tutors in the market that sometimes deciding on the one that will suit you or your child best can be a daunting task. Moreover, you only have less than 2 years to make the best decision. Here are some of the traits which may help you to scout for a good math tutor.

1. “The Numbers” because numbers never lie

Let’s face it, JC students lead hectic lives. With school commitments, CCA, academia and social life, JC students find their time increasingly precious and would not want to spend time on things which do not benefit them. Most JC students do not want to waste time on tuition. Thus, one good indicator of a good math tutor would be the number of students he has as students are willing to travel for the lessons and find that the lessons are worth their time and money. It shows that the educator is effective and they are gaining from the learning experience. No matter how we would like to debate the effectiveness of a tutor, numbers never lie. 

2. “The Results” because it matters

This is probably one of the main reasons, if not the only reason, why parents send their children for tuition. This is also closely related to point number 1, i.e. if the results do not show, the numbers would be weak. The A level examination is crucial for universities’ applications, there is no reason to say that the importance of the outcome is otherwise.  

3. “The Rapport” because it helps with learning

One way to learn better in class is to ask questions and it is no surprise why teachers who posses good teacher-student relation (TSR) are effective educators; as it provides a safe learning environment to ask questions without being afraid of the teacher. As such, the approachability is paramount to students’ success in learning especially for subjects like H2 Math at JC level.  

4. “Specialisation” because it means serious

Tutors who claim that they can teach a few JC subjects and say that they are subject experts are not putting enough effort into the lesson preparations. Any good JC tutors understand the lesson preparation for any JC subjects is demanding. Akin to any service industry, a true subject specialist only focuses on one field. It takes time and effort to hone the skill to explain abstract concepts to students and it is a constant learning process for the tutor. Thus, a good JC math tutor specializes. 

5. “The Resourcefulness” because 2 hrs/week is just not enough

Math needs constant practice, it’s even so for H2 mathematics. Any sensible students and teachers would tell you that 2 hours per week of mathematics won’t cut it. You need constant practice and assistance. Thankfully, with the help of technology, practice questions and solutions and video tutorials could be made available to students via the online portal. That is of course if the tutor provides this service for the students. 


Top 5 reasons why students prefer group tuition over private tuition

1. Well-Prepared Lessons

Typically, private tutors or home tuition do not structure their lessons using a syllabus or the curriculum. They teach their students by just answering the questions that students have. This may be effective for the students who have the right questions to ask but more often than not, they are not taught the tips and tricks to attempt questions proficiently. 

On the contrary, in a group setting, tutors make their lessons more structured and interesting to engage their students. The tips and tricks covered in the lessons usually make the students stay. Moreover, one-to-one attention is not forgone in group tuition too because tutors usually do not mind consultation before or after class for free or even attending to questions posed over Whatsapp.

2. Cost-effective

Group tuition is usually charged at a lower rate than one-to-one tuition. Expect to pay a much higher premium if you want to hire a very experienced tutor for private tuition. On the other hand, you pay a much lower price for an experienced tutor in a group tuition setting. Some group tuition even provide online portal and lesson materials which makes the price even more worth it.

3. Lesson Resources 

Apart from charging at a lower rate compared to private tutors, group tuition typically comes with better resources such as online portal, video solutions, self-publishing books and materials. All these are essential as students are preparing and studying for exams. 

4. Learning Environment

The ability to learn with friends allows for students to expand their knowledge. Learning in group settings gives students the avenue to learn collaboratively as one of the best learning tools is to discuss and teach someone the learned concepts. Many students who came to us from private tuition enjoy the learning atmosphere and culture of a class in a small group setting.

5. Effective Educators

Tutors who teach in a group setting have years of experience handling big groups of students. Since they have experience with so many different students over the years, they have definitely encountered all types of questions and common mistakes made by past students. The years of honing and refining their teaching skills translate into effective teaching that ensures students get the most productive learning experience in class.