Using Integration to find the area and volume generated of an ellipse

(a) The figure on the right shows the ellipse  and the line x = 1. By using the substitution  , find the area of the shaded region, giving your answer in an exact form. (b) Find the exact volume generated when the shaded region is rotated through 2π radians about the y-axis.

JJC/2013/II/Q2 Using Differential Equations to Model the spread of Disease in a town

A researcher is investigating the spread of a certain disease in a town with a population of 3000 people. The researcher suggests that I, the number of people infected by the disease at time t days satisfies the differential equation , where k is a positive constant. (i)         Given that I = 30 when t = 0, […]

Further applications of differentiation 1

The diagram shows a river,500m wide between the straight parallel banks where AD = 500m and   DB = 2000. A man swims across the river from A to C at 0.5 m/s and then he runs along the banks from C to B at 0.8 m/s (a)If he swims in the direction AC making an […]