Crystal Ng

A dedicated tutor, Mr Gan invests his time and energy to understand his students’ needs, and tailors his teaching style to suit each student, be it by repairing their Mathematics foundation or providing support. He seeks to employ various teaching strategies in the classroom to better cater to his students, which works in favor of students with differing learning styles. Making a point to keep his classroom size small, Mr Gan ensures individualised and undivided attention to each of his students. A small class size also meant that students could choose to work either individually, in teams or as a whole, which made group discussions more beneficial, and class time overall more enjoyable. Course-wise, Mr Gan possesses the knowledge and expertise as a Mathematics tutor. Mr Gan’s teaching aligns well with that of the A-Level syllabus, and often goes beyond as well, though appropriately so. He chooses to pick out and zoom in on parts of the syllabus where schools often overlook or skim past. Students thus benefit greatly from his years of experience in teaching. Beyond the four walls, Mr Gan shows himself to be a tutor who takes genuine interest in his students’ lives and displays both care and concern for the safety and wellbeing of his students.

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