Nicole Lee

Mr Gan is a teacher who is full of passion to teach and is always willing to help his students. Even though I’ve only joined Tim Gan Math in Semester 1 of JC2, personally, I am very grateful to have him as my math tuition teacher as he helped me understand mathematical concepts a lot better and slowly regain my confidence back in math. I used to be a student who detest math due to the complexity of the subject but Mr Gan made them easier for us by using simplified methods to allow his students to understand better. He is a great source of motivation, especially during the stressful A Level period and he does his best to answer every query of his students and push them further in the very last lap — A levels. He also welcomes questions even out of class through WhatsApp, which is really useful for us students as we get to clarify our doubts as soon as possible. I am blessed to have Mr Gan as my math tutor and I’m extremely thankful for all the help he has given me throughout the whole A levels.

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