Mr Gan is a very friendly, energetic and genuine tutor. It is hard to a find a tutor like him who not only cares about your results but also your personal growth as an individual. 2 years under his guidance I have learned how to tackle so many math problems in different ways. He will not just give us one fixed solution for the questions, he will try to come up with as many as he can so that we can choose which method suits us. I felt that I learned better in his 2hr lessons per week than that I could in school. A class filled with students of different pace but none of us felt neglected by Mr Gan at any time. He will always try to understand each individual’s needs and cater to them to his best ability. He always tries to keep the class energy high so the environment is conducive to absorb more during lessons. He had made me look forward to my lessons every week. My tuition class was filled with silly and basic questions that he has never failed to answer. As a class, we were always having a negative mindset towards our school paper but he was always there cheering us up. I have personally messaged him when I was really feeling terrible about my math but he has never given up on me. Most of the tuition teachers only teach for the sake of teaching but he went the extra mile by listening to our personal stories and giving us advice. This is really appreciated by us during the tough journey in JC. He treated us more like friends rather than his students. This bond made me be more open to asking silly questions without being ashamed of it. Even though JC math is really tough he has made the process of learning enjoyable. I am proud to say that without his guidance my math results in A-levels is not achievable.

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