Shannon Chang

Before joining Mr Gan’s tuition classes, I usually failed my A-math tests and exams. However, after attending his classes, I could see a huge improvement in my results from failing to getting very high grades, and I could even get a top position in class for a major examination, which was something I never imagined I could have done! I feel that Mr Gan’s classes have helped me a lot especially the large and frequent amount of practices provided and the easier and faster methods he teaches me. I felt that many questions that I did not know how to do earlier on became quite an easy task for me. Thus, I changed my attitude towards mathematics as my improving grades made me feel more confident and motivated to do better. From disliking mathematics, I started to feel that it has become quite fun, especially when I was doing his practice papers and getting the hang of the questions. Mr Gan’s lessons have allowed me to gain an interest in mathematics and encouraged me to do well, thus improving my A-math results.

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