Terence Chou

I was in dire straits after my prelims, getting a mere E for math, and without a proper grasp on the fundamentals despite A levels looming. However, thanks to Mr. Gan, I was able to quickly internalize key concepts of the many chapters and at the end of it, could enter the exam halls with confidence. What helped a lot, was the fact that Mr. Gan was very approachable. There was no teacher-student barrier within us; I could consult him on any queries, and he would answer them without hesitation. Every 2-hour session with Mr. Gan greatly advances the progress of my A level revision. Rather than sticking to a rigidly structured timetable, Mr. Gan is able to recognize my needs and plan his teaching accordingly. Mr. Gan is a great educator. Without him, my A grade for A levels would not have been possible.

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