Jin Yao

Mr. Gan is an brilliant and excellent maths tutor. The special solving strategies and techniques that he taught us in class are quite easy to understand and usually able to solve various questions more effectively. Mr gan is a patient tutor as well. He always explains my doubts to me again and again until I could understand. My maths foundation is weak but his lessons help me make big improvement through just a few months. I’m really grateful to have joined his tuition!

Zhi Jia

I benefitted greatly from Mr Gan’s lesson because he provides concise notes. He ensures that his students get sufficient practice by providing practice question for every topic. I felt that I had a clearer understanding of math concepts after attending his class because he classifies math questions into different types and provides clear explanation on how to approach them.

Priscilla Wee

I felt so unconfident and knew I needed more practice and help after receiving a U in my H2 Mathematics Preliminary Exams. However, after I joined TimGanMath Tuition, I gained confidence in my Math through the guidance of Mr Gan. Mr Gan is a very patient and dedicated teacher. Whenever I had any doubts about a concept, he would go through them with me until I fully understood. He devises his own questions and times us before the A levels so we would be able to better prepare for the A levels. He also prepares his own concise notes which is very effective in refreshing the main concepts of a topic. Overall, Mr Gan was able to effectively prepare for my A level examinations.

Genevieve Tan

Mr. Gan’s classes were always enjoyable and never boring. He always tries to create a fun atmosphere in class so that we won’t get too stressed up over math. He is also very patient and willing to help us even when we ended our class. He always tries to simplify the concepts using what we have learned from O levels. He also focuses on certain areas of the syllabus which schools often just skim through. I am really blessed to have Mr. Gan as my math tutor.