Mr gan has helped me with math a lot and helped me achieve in A levels. Integration which is one of the more major topics used to be my weakest point but with Mr gan’s help I was able to understand integration and find an easier method to solve math problems. Mr gan has always helped me even outside of class and he has made a lot of difference to my grades!

Mai Goh

timganmath has boosted my confidence in math greatly, through simplification of many complex ideas and formulas. Mr Gan also provides numerous ways to approach a question, allowing me to choose the one that Im most comfortable with during application. I used to be very fearful and unmotivated to do maths assignments, but now, I am capable of doing a substantial amount of questions, and as for the challenging questions, at the very least, I know how to approach it and know what its asking for. Hence, I rate timganmath a solid 2018/10.

Louise Koh

Mr Gan‘s lessons are always very informative and enjoyable as he teaches new maths concepts to us in a different way from school teachers. this makes maths easier to understand and actually passable!! he will go the extra mile by providing extra lessons out of his own free time during our exam period and even answering maths questions on whatsapp during ungodly hours.


Mr Gan makes learning easier and more fun. Math used to be something that I didn’t get at all but after his lessons I started getting the concepts and could apply them. He simplified tedious formulas and thought of alternate methods to help us. Now I can do math in a more confident way and can even help others with their doubts.


Mr Gan is a very friendly, energetic and genuine tutor. It is hard to a find a tutor like him who not only cares about your results but also your personal growth as an individual. 2 years under his guidance I have learned how to tackle so many math problems in different ways. He will not just give us one fixed solution for the questions, he will try to come up with as many as he can so that we can choose which method suits us. I felt that I learned better in his 2hr lessons per week than that I could in school. A class filled with students of different pace but none of us felt neglected by Mr Gan at any time. He will always try to understand each individual’s needs and cater to them to his best ability. He always tries to keep the class energy high so the environment is conducive to absorb more during lessons. He had made me look forward to my lessons every week. My tuition class was filled with silly and basic questions that he has never failed to answer. As a class, we were always having a negative mindset towards our school paper but he was always there cheering us up. I have personally messaged him when I was really feeling terrible about my math but he has never given up on me. Most of the tuition teachers only teach for the sake of teaching but he went the extra mile by listening to our personal stories and giving us advice. This is really appreciated by us during the tough journey in JC. He treated us more like friends rather than his students. This bond made me be more open to asking silly questions without being ashamed of it. Even though JC math is really tough he has made the process of learning enjoyable. I am proud to say that without his guidance my math results in A-levels is not achievable.


I am so thankful to have Mr Gan as my teacher. He motivates and helps me a lot for my mathematics. My highest I ever got was E before he started teaching me. After he started teaching me I understood more and get the subject more easily causing my marks to increase greatly. He teaches all the shortcuts and easy methods so that maths does not seem as hard as I thought it was. He also jokes and creates a fun atmosphere in class so that we don’t get too worked up over mathematics. He motivated and guide me during the nearing period of as and provided us with the extra lessons of his own accord so that we score well. With his motivation and guidance, I was able to get A for A level mathematics and I am very grateful to have him to teach me.

Xiao Shuo

Cliché to say, joining Mr Gan’s classes was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my JC life. I have never once felt that his lessons were boring because Mr Gan always makes an effort to joke around in class and lighten the atmosphere. And needless to say, the sole reason I stayed was because I could learn new and easier methods to approach math questions and subsequently get better at math with Mr Gan’s new techniques and skills, along with questions in practice sets and worksheets that are organized neatly according to a particular section of each topic. Each lesson Mr Gan goes “Understand? Ok or not?” to make sure we follow through and are able to understand clearly what he has taught us which I honestly really appreciate as I have never seen this amount of dedication in other tuition centres I have joined. I am filled with gratitude for having such a great tutor and friend and I sincerely recommend joining Mr Gan’s classes!

Nicole Lee

Mr Gan is a teacher who is full of passion to teach and is always willing to help his students. Even though I’ve only joined Tim Gan Math in Semester 1 of JC2, personally, I am very grateful to have him as my math tuition teacher as he helped me understand mathematical concepts a lot better and slowly regain my confidence back in math. I used to be a student who detest math due to the complexity of the subject but Mr Gan made them easier for us by using simplified methods to allow his students to understand better. He is a great source of motivation, especially during the stressful A Level period and he does his best to answer every query of his students and push them further in the very last lap — A levels. He also welcomes questions even out of class through WhatsApp, which is really useful for us students as we get to clarify our doubts as soon as possible. I am blessed to have Mr Gan as my math tutor and I’m extremely thankful for all the help he has given me throughout the whole A levels.