Being a student who isn’t really good at understanding math concepts I am glad to have Mr Gan as a tutor who constantly encouraged me to try to find the solutions to various problems and took the effort to help explain the approaches thoroughly so that i gained confidence in the subject. His humour makes lessons really enjoyable and engaging and his method of teaching has really helped me significantly in understanding the mathematical concepts taught in school.

Kai Ting

Being a student who is slower at grasping mathematical concepts, I am very thankful to have Mr Gan around to clarify concepts and simplify the learning of mathematics with the help of his learning materials and clear explanations. With his patience and dedication, I am able to grasp mathematical concepts in school better. What really sets his classes apart from others which I have attended is his light-hearted disposition which makes him very approachable. I am very grateful for having such a great tutor around to help me clear my doubts and queries as well as increase my confidence in math with his encouragements!

Nicole Ng

As someone who does not enjoy math much, I find that Mr Gan’s upbeat personality and light-hearted yet thorough methods of teaching sets his lessons apart from many other tuition classes. His approachability and patience also allows me to gain more clarity on questions and complex concepts that the fast-paced tutorials in schools tend to gloss over, making it easier for students that are weaker in mathematics to absorb and understand such concepts.

Jia Xuan

Mr Gan is an extremely approachable and friendly teacher, and I’m really grateful to have joined his tuition. Having performed badly in block test 2, and with only a few months left to A levels, I was honestly rather skeptical as to whether joining tuition would even be of any use. However, his classes proved to be extremely helpful as he would provide us with efficient strategies and techniques, allowing me to understand the formulas that have to be applied to various question types.

Furthermore, I always found myself learning something new in each class, and the friendly atmosphere in class provided a safe learning space for me to clarify all my doubts. Not only did I have a clearer understanding of the topics, I also gained greater confidence in math from Mr Gan’s constant encouragement. Since joining his tuition, my math results improved vastly from a U in bt2 to a B in prelims, and subsequently an A for A levels — a testimony to the effectiveness of his sessions! Thank you Mr Gan! 🙂

Sarita Zhang

I always look forward to math tuition with Mr Gan because he is a super entertaining teacher. He creates a comfortable and fun environment for us to learn math and even make friends from other schools. Though my journey with him was a short 4 months, I gained so much math knowledge, some of which I wouldn’t have been able to learn just from the school notes. I improved greatly after joining Mr Gan’s classes (U in BT2 to B in prelims!!) and I am very grateful for his help 🙂

Terence Chou

I was in dire straits after my prelims, getting a mere E for math, and without a proper grasp on the fundamentals despite A levels looming. However, thanks to Mr. Gan, I was able to quickly internalize key concepts of the many chapters and at the end of it, could enter the exam halls with confidence. What helped a lot, was the fact that Mr. Gan was very approachable. There was no teacher-student barrier within us; I could consult him on any queries, and he would answer them without hesitation. Every 2-hour session with Mr. Gan greatly advances the progress of my A level revision. Rather than sticking to a rigidly structured timetable, Mr. Gan is able to recognize my needs and plan his teaching accordingly. Mr. Gan is a great educator. Without him, my A grade for A levels would not have been possible.