Sze Mun

I was failing both Math and Additional Maths really badly. I think, on average, my grades would come up to no higher than a E8. After going through the material with Mr Gan, I began to understand both Maths and Add. Maths better. He simplifies the topics better than my teachers in school and with his help, I was able to jump from a E8 to a A2 in a short amount of time. Tuition with him is also never boring. He keeps our 2 hour session lively and fun so going to class is never a drag. He also takes genuine interest in our lives. Slowly but surely, Maths became my favourite subject. To sum up, Mr Gan is an amazing teacher who cares for his students. I’m glad to have had him as my tutor.

Eng Yeow’s Parent

Mr Gan is an enthusiastic and responsible teacher who worked closely with my son to facilitate and monitor his learning progress and understanding, and is not shy to answer my son’s questions outside of class. His teaching has helped my son improve in Mathematics from a C5 to B3 in half a year. Thank you, Mr Gan!

Rachael Lim

I came to Mr Gan barely passing math, and now, I have an A2 for O levels. Mr Gan explains math concepts v clearly, such that I could understand even though I previously had issues understanding them. That was v helpful since I had problems wrapping my head around what was taught in school. Mr Gan adjusts his teaching methods depending on the student, n if he realises that u r weak in certain topics, he tries to identify the problem n suggests extra lessons for further improvement. Under his guidance, I hv improved drastically n I am v happy to have been his student. Mr Gan is a jovial person who has good communication skills, and is also v caring. He goes past his designated hours as a tutor n would answer questions that one sends to him, this was especially helpful during the O lvl period when I was working on papers n couldn’t afford to wait a whole week until the next lesson to ask for help. Would I recommend Mr Gan as a tutor? Yes, he’s my no. 1 recommendation! Sign up for his class before he becomes too famous! 🙂

Rachel Neo

Mr Gan is a really patient teacher. In class he makes sure that he will attend to students individually and also have tests to make sure that we have understood the concepts. Throughout my 3 months of Journey with Mr Gan, I’ve been able to improve along the way and his classes are always something that I look forward to as it is fun and interesting!

Phoebe Tay

Mr Gan is a dedicated and fun teacher to be around. Before joining his tuition class, I was failing both A and E math. Due to heavy CCA commitments I missed several whole chapters of lessons and it was hard for teachers in school to find time slots to give me consultation. This resulted in me having huge knowledge gaps. In order to help me catch up, Mr Gan made time to have clinic sessions with me, where he answered my doubts about certain topics. In addition, he allowed me to stay back after class to go through school homework or tests that I was having difficulty with. These helped me tremendously, eventually leading to me getting distinctions for both A and E math. Thank you so much for your hard work Mr Gan!

Stewart Tay

Mr Timothy Gan has rekindled my interest in maths. His mathematics classes are always active discussion, due to the way he teaches and students can just clarify with him. He will make sure that our doubts are clarifies and that we fully understand the topics. His checkpoint tests are definitely helpful, especially for people who seldomly revise maths like me.

Shannon Chang

Before joining Mr Gan’s tuition classes, I usually failed my A-math tests and exams. However, after attending his classes, I could see a huge improvement in my results from failing to getting very high grades, and I could even get a top position in class for a major examination, which was something I never imagined I could have done! I feel that Mr Gan’s classes have helped me a lot especially the large and frequent amount of practices provided and the easier and faster methods he teaches me. I felt that many questions that I did not know how to do earlier on became quite an easy task for me. Thus, I changed my attitude towards mathematics as my improving grades made me feel more confident and motivated to do better. From disliking mathematics, I started to feel that it has become quite fun, especially when I was doing his practice papers and getting the hang of the questions. Mr Gan’s lessons have allowed me to gain an interest in mathematics and encouraged me to do well, thus improving my A-math results.

Yee Hong

heyy mr gan thankk you so muchh!! i was worried that i couldnt score a distinction for A-math but i did it!! A1 hehe :)) thank you so much, i wouldnt have improved so much in the past 1year without ur help. Thank you for not only restoring my faith in A-math but also helping me improve my grades tremendously! thank you mr gan hehe ❤

honestly i stepped into the centre with not much hope that i would improve till a distinction. Taking into consideration that i scored an f9 thruout the whole year of sec 3, i merely wanted a pass in Olevels. But thank you mr gan, for that a distinction would have been impossible if without you. thankk youu :))