Alicia Yee

Mr Gan is a very very patient and interesting teacher!! he makes lesson fun and engaging therefore even attending his lessons at night aft school is still a joy !! He is makes math concepts easier to understand and gives us good methods to solve questions !! He also have very good resources (eg. math notes n questions and free wifi ^.^) He is also very encouraging and passionate in his teaching which makes math more “fun and interesting” to a certain extent!!

Xin Wei

Mr Gan is a fun-loving and energetic teacher. he always go through concepts in a simple and understandable way and he never fails to clear our doubts 🙂 his notes are also super helpful and he is also very patient when explaining concepts to us when we don’t understand them !! i am really glad to be part of his tuition and to have him as my tutor :-))

Alicia Lam

Mr Gan is patient and accommodating, making his lessons pretty enjoyable! he is also willing to respond to questions we have via text, helping us even out of lesson time. his teaching is clear and concise, helping us to grasp the concepts better. would recommend to people who need help with math!!! :”-)

Zenden Tay

Mr Gan is a very caring and kind teacher. He has helped me improve by leaps and bounds in math and is meticulous in emphasising important math concepts. He understands my weaknesses and will patiently clarify my doubts. His humour makes classes fun and engaging for us.

Zoe Toh

I really enjoy Mr Gan’s Math tuition because he makes lessons so much more interesting and understandable! He is always patient with us and he always makes sure that we clear our doubts before moving on to the next concept which makes it really effective for us to catch up with our work! With just 4 months into the tuition, I have already seen improvement in my understanding of the different Math concepts!


Mr Gan is very good at what he does. He is friendly, understanding and finds ways to make us understand the concepts easily. I could see improvement in my test grades and my attitude towards solving math questions within the first 2 lessons itself! The place is also very condusive to learn in!

Natasha Yeo

I really enjoyed my math tuition with Mr. Gan as it felt very personalized. He would take the time to pick out questions for me to do, according to my weaknesses and providing extra hours whenever I needed it. With time being very precious approaching A levels, it was a relief to have flexible tuition hours to work around school timetable. Right up to the day before A levels, I could message him with questions to clear my doubts!