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Many of our students have commented that the jump in complexity from ‘O’ Level Mathematics to H2 ‘A’ Level mathematics has proven difficult for them. The jump in complexity from A Maths to H2 Maths is especially pronounced given the short time span students have to understand complex topics like Vectors, Calculus and Complex Numbers before taking their ‘A’ Level examinations.

This is usually the main reason why many of our students have come to us for assistance. Students who sign up for our structured H2 Mathematics Tuition Courses gain access to a myriad of resources such as our question bank, online learning portal, and the “H2 Math bible” which provides them with all the essential information they need to excel in their academic journey in mathematics.

At Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we believe that mathematics is a subject that builds on itself, and even the most complex topics have a foundation in simple concepts. We are passionate about helping students build a strong mathematical foundation, so that they may see the simplicity in mathematics through our H2 Maths Tuition. Our goal is not just to help our students improve their results but more importantly to help them understand these complex mathematical topics and how they can be applied to their future careers. 

A Level H2 Math Structured Curriculum

H2 Maths Structured Curriculum

Our structured H2 Maths Tuition is based on the current MOE curriculum and builds on a student’s foundation and understanding of A Maths. During the class, Mr Gan will explain the mathematical topic being taught, and address any gaps in our students understanding of the concept.

He will also go through different difficulties of questions asked during exams, and explain key points to look out for when identifying how to solve such questions.

To address any questions that students may have between H2 Maths Tuition Classes, or address any gaps in our student’s understanding of H2 Math, we have set up our online learning portal. The portal allows students to access previously recorded lessons and handwritten solutions.

Our H2 Math online portal also boasts a forum function where students can ask Mr Gan for advice on how to deal with particularly tricky questions, post questions and also answer questions that have been posted on the forum. We aim to respond to these posts within 24 hours.

With over ten years of experience teaching H2 maths tuition, Mr Gan has amassed a wide variety of questions that have been asked during examinations. Students who sign up for our courses will gain access to this question bank, which is sorted by topics, school, year and which paper they were asked in.

Questions from our question bank also come with handwritten and video solutions. Use this in conjunction with our Online Learning Portal, for the best results on top of our H2 Maths Tuition!

H2 Math Summary Notes or Bible

The H2 Math Bible

This summary guide for H2 Mathematics got its name from our students. Many of them swear by it and use it to help reinforce their understanding of H2 Math concepts on top of our H2 Math Tuition Classes. This guide contains all the key learning points for topics covered in H2 Mathematics exams that are broken down into a simple and easy to understand format.

H2 Math Specialist Tim Gan

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