Math Tuition: 3 Reasons Why It’s Necessary For Any Student

Timothy Gan

With an infamous reputation stemming from its inherent ‘difficulty’, mathematics is the one subject most students worldwide dread the most. And while there is some truth to its challenging aspect, it’s nowhere near impossible to tackle as many would think.

With extra help from a passionate instructor and an up-to-date course syllabus, even the most complex and confusing mathematical concepts can be simplified and become more easily digestible.

In this article, we lay down a few of the important reasons why taking additional math tuition in Singapore is beneficial to your academic career.

More personalised, individual learning

It’s known that everyone has their preferred way of learning. Unfortunately, due to large class sizes, schools cannot cater to each and everyone’s preferences and must settle with an approach that works best for the majority.

This situation causes some students to fall behind, demoralising them and increasing their anxiety towards mathematics, which could further lead to lower grades. For students embarking on the IP school journey, enrolling in IP maths tuition helps alleviate this problem with its more personalised learning experience that leverages each student’s ideal learning method. Once this preferred method is identified, math tutors then make the most of it to teach the subjects taken by the student, allowing them to cover several topics in mere hours with full understanding of each one.

Attain higher academic performance

Math tuition and extra courses are constantly up-to-date, meaning what you learn from them today stays relevant tomorrow and for the rest of your school year. Their usage of modern syllabi ensures you achieve higher individual scores and your desired overall grade now instead of sooner or later. Additionally, if you wish to prepare for the next grade level or higher, JC maths tuition also offers advanced courses that have you covered in that regard.

Apart from the courses themselves, maths tuition also offers plenty of resources for students to conduct self-revision. These drills test students on what they’ve learned after the class and help solidify their knowledge permanently for good.

Significantly reduce math anxiety

Math anxiety is an actual condition that causes nervousness and, as it says in the name, anxiety to some people when faced with math problems. Of course, not everyone develops math anxiety, and it’s mostly the result of collective failings when dealing with the subject. However, it could lead to a complete lack of confidence in solving or even attempting to understand mathematical problems if it’s not addressed early on.

Maths tuition nips this problem in the bud by taking into account a student’s confidence and improving it throughout their classes. In combination with the previous two points, tutors personalise their teaching methods and work from the ground up until the student fully comprehends a subject matter.

The relevant instruction and activities also mean that whatever topic they couldn’t understand yesterday is something they’ll completely understand either today or tomorrow. This realisation that they’re capable of comprehending something they thought to be far too difficult can bring a significant boost in their confidence and slowly but surely dispel their math anxiety for good.


When it comes to maths, getting additional professional help should always be considered no matter the year level. So if you’re looking to enrol as soon as today, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tim Gan Math Learning Centre for all your maths tuition needs.

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Published: 25th March 2022
Written by
Timothy Gan
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