The diagram shows the region R bounded by the two parabolas        Y = x2 and x = (y – 2)2 – 2  and the y – axis. Find the points indicated A and B in the diagram. (a)Find the area of the region R (b)Find the volume formed when R is rotated 2π radian […]


(a)Without using a calculator, solve the inequality (b) Deduce the range of values of x that satisfies. Solutions: (a): x≤-6 or 1≤x<3 or x>3                  (b): 0<x≤e-6 or e≤x<e3 or x>e3 (a) (b) lnx ≤ -6               x ≤ e-6   1≤ lnx <3  e≤x<e3  lnx>3  x>e3 […]