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An Overview of Our G3 A Math Tuition Classes

Here, at Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, our O Level A Math Tuition aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus (G3 A math) using our concise and structured lesson materials. Capped at 10 physical students per class, this ensures that our students have undivided attention from our tutors.

As firm believers that true effective learning happens beyond the classroom, we have launched our online Student Learning Portal which allows students to gain access to video explanations and step-by-step workings to past lesson materials and additional practices. Doing so will ensure that they will fully internalise what they have been taught and learn at their own pace.

Our A-Math educators

Our weekly Sec 3 and 4 G3 A maths tuition classes are taught by our experienced tutors. For many years, Tim Gan Math has been known for the quality of our resources and educators available to our group tuition. Parents and students trust us to deliver the best learning experience in our A math tuition classes.

Our tutors are firm believers that every student has the potential to excel in Mathematics. Their dedication and passion in teaching has helped their students improve by leaps and bounds.

More than a decade worth of teaching experience both in MOE and private practice.

The Core Of Our A Math Tuition Curriculum

What To Look For In An A Math Tuition Programme?

Our Additional Mathematics Curriculum (A Math Tuition) is designed to make sure that all concepts are taught well and misconceptions are addressed. This way, our students will be prepared for exams. These are the core building blocks of our curriculum.

  • Conceptual Teaching

Additional Math can be boring and difficult to understand. This is especially so when learning has taken place in an unrelatable manner, i.e. not based on knowledge learnt in Elementary Mathematics or building on prerequisite knowledge. During conceptual teaching, we go through the whys and the hows of mathematics concepts, showing how each concept is being derived from basics or first principles. We’ll also show you how these concepts are applied to problems.

The goal of our A Math Tuition is to build a mathematical foundation to meet the academic demand and rigour of the Additional Mathematics syllabus.

  • Conceptual Feedback

Feedback for students is a great way to show them what they are doing correctly and incorrectly. This way they can learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. Providing feedback is a common technique in the world of Mathematics. It is important to provide both positive and constructive feedback to students so that they can understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to be aware of them, allowing them to improve their skills in math.

Weekly homework will be given out and checked on a weekly basis.

15-minutes test after a topic is being covered. The conceptual test will be graded and returned to students to learn from their mistakes.

  • Conceptual Practice

Practice makes perfect.

At our A Math tuition, we believe that adequate practice on solving problems is one of the best ways to reinforce concepts and address misconceptions in the Additional Mathematics syllabus. The more students practise, the better they get at solving problems which helps them finally understand how to solve problems on their own.

  • Conceptual Reviews

Review promotes continuity and helps students to attain a more comprehensive view of the mathematical topics covered. It helps them maintain their understanding of all sections they have gone through to help them retain what they have learned. Additional Mathematics has a rigorous series of topics, concepts, and skills that are interconnected. It is important that all sections be reviewed to maintain continuity in the student’s understanding. Thus, we review the past topics when doing new topics.

When nearing exams, exam preparation and revision sets are given out to revisit concepts to ensure that students are prepared. Mock papers and full exam papers will be given out too.

Why Choose Our A Math Tuition?
6 Important Criteria For The Best A Math Tuition
Math is a very important subject for all of us regardless of our profession. Math is an essential component of many subjects and it is needed in order to prepare students for the future in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Why would parents send their children for tuition if it doesn’t solve the problem?

We can’t promise that all students are suited for our curriculum but we can definitely promise that students will improve in their results if they follow our curriculum closely and put in the necessary effort on the homework given.

We believe in the growth mindset and our aim is to make students better and confident learners which will be shown through their results. We will spend time to build rapport with the students and motivate them during and after classes.

In order to be an effective tutor, you need to be friendly, approachable and dedicated. To help the students improve their skills, you must be able to work as a team with them. The best kind of teaching comes from having a good rapport with the student. A tutor can be both an instructor and a mentor. They can help you through your academic journey. They are there to provide support and guidance in the form of motivation, feedback, mentorship, assessment and even emotional support. A tutor can be someone who has gone through what you are currently going through or is in the same position as you are now.

A good teacher is one that has mastery of the subject knowledge and content, which can be shown through qualifications. Examples of teachers’ qualifications include their degree level, teaching experience, and how much they may have studied in the subject they are teaching.

Testimonials are important as they give a good sense of how good the teaching pedagogies and quality are.

We understand that online live lessons are convenient and safe for students, especially during the pandemic. They can learn anywhere anytime.

That is why we invested much in our online equipment to provide the best quality online lessons so that our teachers can give instant feedback to students on their work and tailor their lessons to the student’s needs.

One of the main reasons why our class sizes are kept smaller is because our tutors will be able to attend to every student’s learning needs. Students get a lot of feedback and care from these tutors.

We want to make sure that all of our students are getting the attention they deserve, which is why we only have an average of 5-7 students in a class (capped at 10 students). Our instructors know that math can be hard, so they’re constantly giving feedback and encouragement to all their students.


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Math can be stressful and tough! But it doesn’t have to be. Learn easy methods to tackle complex concepts with our friendly and experienced educator.

2024 Sec 3 A. Math

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2024 Sec 3 A. Math

2024 Sec 3 A. Math

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2024 Sec 4 A. Math

New Class (WhatsApp +65 8748 8161 to Enquire)

We kindly request that you treat our administrative staff and teachers with care and respect. It is important to note that our center has a selective admission policy, and while we strive to accommodate as many students as possible, there are instances where we may not be able to offer admission. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


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  • Fees are fixed from Sec 3 to Sec 4. E.g. if you join in Sec 3 (Physical), your lesson fees will be SGD300/4 lessons until the end of Sec 4. However, if you join only in Sec 4, it will be SGD320/4 lessons until end of Sec 4. Note that Sec 4 rate will start in December of the previous year.
  • We do not collect materials and registration fees.
Level Physical lesson (per 4 weeks) Online lesson (per 4 weeks)
Sec 3 A Math
SGD 300
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We kindly request that you treat our administrative staff and teachers with care and respect. It is important to note that our centre has a selective admission policy, and while we strive to accommodate as many students as possible, there are instances where we may not be able to offer admission. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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