How I Attained a 5-Grade Jump in H2 Math With the Help of TGM (within 2 months!)

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Before I begin about how I managed to pull my grades up at the very last minute, I would like to preface this by saying that last minute catch-up work is, by no means, the way to go. I have never been one to leave things till the very last minute, but this was an exception as I was dealing with some personal matters in JC. 

To give you a bit of context into my H2 Math journey prior to my A-Levels, I never did exceptionally well in it, but neither was I to the extent of scoring ‘S’s and ‘U’s. I recall scoring ‘D’s in the beginning of J1, and managed to do even decently well for my promos exam – attaining 59/100, a high C grade. However, entering J2 with a multitude of personal struggles, I felt very worn out and admittedly, I neglected the subjects that I disliked (which included H2 Math). It was from this point on that I started to put in very minimal effort in Math, only mindlessly copying the solutions from the Google website that my school provided and was lagging behind for all my tutorial questions, scoring straight ‘U’s in H2 Math all the way to my prelims. Then, the last minute panic finally kicked in and I was determined to do my best to salvage whatever I could for my H2 Math grades, where I ended up scoring a ‘B’ for my A-Levels. 

Given how A-Levels were only two months away from my prelims, I do not think it was possible for me to improve so much if it was not for the resources that TGM provided me with. Relying on my school notes alone was not sufficient for me as I had always found it difficult to break down what was written in it on my own, and my teacher offered very little regard in explaining these foreign concepts to me. With that being said, I am very grateful for the support and aid that I was given in TGM, and I would like to share what in particular made this 5-grade jump possible.

Online Student Learning Portal

Knowing that I had very limited time to go through all 16 chapters, I figured that the best way to brush up on all the topics was to practice and revisit the concepts at the same time. As my school only provided our past prelim papers at that point in time, I turned towards TGM’s Online Student Learning Portal to find if they had resources that were more aligned to the difficulty of A-Levels and their style of questioning. From there, I found additional topical worksheets that contained a wide range of similar questions asked during the A-Levels, that were coupled alongside the QR code to their video solutions. 

The seamlessness in practising and marking made the whole revision process a very time-efficient one as I had the step-by-step solutions and video explanations made readily available for me. Whenever I got a question wrong, I would always first look through the working steps in the answer key to see if I could understand it on my own. If I needed more help, I would then refer to the video recordings for a more in-depth explanation by Mr Gan, where he would also bring up and address the common misconceptions that students usually have.

Revision Courses

If you didn’t already know, Mr Gan conducts revision classes during the June holidays, the prelims and A-Levels period, where there will be around 4 lessons a week (with no additional costs). During these periods of time, Mr Gan will compile worksheets that will touch on all the H2 Math topics to sufficiently prepare students by exposing them to the different possible variations of question types.

grade jump How I Attained a 5-Grade Jump in H2 Math With the Help of TGM (within 2 months!)

I vividly recall pasting post-its throughout the worksheets to remind myself of the repeated mistakes I made, which I would look through time and time again, even before my A-Levels. As these revision classes could be attended virtually, I saved a lot of time by attending the classes at the comfort of my home, allowing me to allocate more time for revision!

Question Bank

So, after my prelims, I was committed to completing at least one 3-hour Math paper a day, where this H2 Math Question Bank came in extremely handy. Storing video explanations and written solutions to over thousands of questions, the Question Bank contained questions from past year A-Level and other schools’ prelim papers asked by other students in the online community. Whenever I encountered any doubts, I could just search for the explanations to it via the Question Bank with a help of a simple click, which, again, saved a lot of time for me! Furthermore, as the Question Bank can be categorised according to topics, it made it really convenient for me to sift through a pool of questions to specifically go through the questions from the topics that I was weaker in.


One thing that I really appreciated about Mr Gan was the fact that he would always take the time out to address our queries step-by-step! Whenever I asked Mr Gan any questions, he would always guide me from where my working left off, instead of fixating on a certain way of doing. Unlike my school teachers, Mr Gan’s method of teaching helped to guide my understanding and helped me enjoy the process a little more as I felt more assured about my progress. 


Having said all that, I hope you’ve gained some new insights to what resources and aid TGM’s H2 Math Tuition can provide for you! I’ve never been one to enjoy doing Math, which is why I’m so thankful for TGM in helping me make this process a much more bearable one.

Consultation with Mr Gan after classes also help a lot during my process of attaining a 5-grade jump in H2 Math exams

Like I mentioned previously, whilst I did manage to pull up my grades at the very last minute, I still strongly suggest against doing such last-minute work. Trying to cram two years worth of knowledge in a matter of months not only takes a mental toll on you, but it also takes the joy out of the learning process. I truly believe that if I had put in consistent effort in H2 Math, I would enjoy and understand the significance of what I was learning better, and perhaps, even do better at my A-Levels. To any JC students reading this, here’s my piece of advice: make the best of your time in school and hang in there! 🙂

Published: 2nd August 2023
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