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Many students find mathematics to be an intimidating subject in their school curriculum in Singapore. Students tend to express the need for mathematics tuition as they go begin higher or tertiary education in Singapore – especially in junior college.

Finding the right math tutor in Singapore can often be a challenge, as there are many factors involved. It is important to find a math tutor who is focused on teaching the right way. Many math tutors in Singapore focus on muscle memory of formulas and concepts, leading them to neglect the key differentiating factor of reliable mathematics tuition: identifying and solving problems.

No, it is not necessary. Then why do students come and learn mathematics with us? Because our job is to shorten the process of learning with effective teaching pedagogies and quality resources.

By enrolling in a Math Tuition Centre in Singapore, students are receiving additional maths tutor aid or tutelage outside of the classroom. As mathematics is a subject which requires effective practice and understanding to excel, and given that students have limited time due to busy schedule, this makes the option of having a math tutor in Singapore a viable one for many students. It provides an avenue for additional support especially so for A Level H2 math and IP curriculum as the syllabi requires rigorous framework for learning.

An unanswered query in mathematics often leads to misconceptions, which becomes more difficult to correct in the long run. Hence, enrolling in supplementary maths tuition classes in Singapore goes a long way in making sure your (or your child’s) understanding and foundations are correct from the outset. A strong foundation is often the secret to success!

Learning mathematics at a higher level, especially A Level H2 math, requires educators who are passionate about the subjects and familiar with the current MOE syllabus. We are educators who are well prepared for every lesson, equipping ourselves with different tools and teaching pedagogies to help students learn better. Our whole lesson package consists of checkpoint tests, online videos, lesson materials, modelling software and well-structured lessons.

We give out conceptual tests to gauge students’ understanding and address their misconceptions. Our math tutors meticulously mark students’ work each week by following the requirements of the MOE syllabus. We use research-proven techniques to teach by chunking down the subject content into bite-sized pieces. We find that it has been proven to be optimal for the learning and retention of knowledge.

Other than that, we firmly believe in subject specialisation. In our centre, the math tutors devote their fullest attention to the subject they are teaching, be it IP math, O Level A Math, O Level E Math or JC H2 Mathematics.

Our math tutors are also equipped with years of teaching experience in both public and private education sectors and constantly meet up to share and improve our teaching pedagogies and best practices. Students like our math tuition classes as we do not hesitate to answer their queries during or after lessons via personal consultations, WhatsApp or online video solutions.

Our tutors are firm believers in developing a growth mindset when it comes to learning mathematics. Students are encouraged to try and fail until they succeed in our lessons: ‘there is no success without failing’ is the bedrock of our teaching pedagogy. With this approach at our math tuition centre, we hope that the taste of success will intrinsically motivate students to do better in Mathematics.

Why Students Pick Us & Parents Trust Us our Math Tuition Classes?

We believe that students should be given the opportunity to be inquisitive during their math tuition lessons as it is important for the learning of mathematical concepts. Thus, we keep our class sizes small by capping it at 20 students.

Moreover, doing so helps us ensure that every student receives the necessary balance of group and individual coaching they require, allowing all (if not, most) questions to be answered while optimally maximising the efficiency of the duration of the math tuition lesson(s).

Aside from preparing a conducive, comfortable and well-equipped classroom, our tutors teach each topic with the assumption that students have no prior knowledge of the math subject matter. In other words, this ensures that foundations are properly set in place.

On top of that, students are also encouraged to help and learn from each other so that everyone benefits from a positive learning environment during the math tuition classes.

Having a good set of resources is essential in delivering quality lessons. A comprehensive set of resources will lead to an effective sharing of knowledge and allow students to confidently conduct self-revision after their math tuition.

Each student is given an online learning account for which all worked solutions, lesson videos and extra practices are uploaded.

The math tuition lesson notes are created and tailored to the varying learning needs of students. Each set of notes comes with a series of a comprehensive overview of the chapter and an accompanying Active Learning worksheet that will allow students to delve deeper into the content knowledge of the respective math chapters.

We understand that students often encounter difficulties when attempting questions during their personal revision time. We avail ourselves through WhatsApp by providing advice and/or worked solutions outside lesson time.

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Hear what our students have to say!

Before joining the tuition, I was struggling a lot with amath and was constantly failing in every test iI had, scoring many F9s. However, after joining the tuition, after my common test 2, with the patient guidance of Mr Sam, I had a deeper understanding in the topics that Ii was tested on and passed my amath paper for my end-of-year examinations, scoring a C5!
Megan Yeoh, Nan Hua Hugh School
Megan Yeoh
Nan Hua High School
Mr Gan is a really engaging and patient teacher. Even during the pandemic, his online classes were still as clear and understandable. He goes the extra mile to stay back and give consults to his students. There are also vast resources on his online portal which I can always have access to when I need more revision. I really enjoyed his lessons and I’m thankful to have such a passionate and dedicated teacher to help me overcome math in jc!
Fiona Li
Raffles Instituition
I really enjoyed Miss Fong’s lessons as I really like the ways she teaches, and makes sure everyone understands what she has taught before moving on to the next question/topic. As she moves on to new chapters, she never forgets to do recap of the old chapters we have learn to refresh our memory and practice the techniques we have learnt. She always manages to engage us in the lesson, and make sure we understand fully what she is teaching...
Fong Ching's E Math Tuition Class
Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Having joined TGM at the start of 2020, most of my lessons with Mr Gan were online, yet he always managed to keep them interactive and interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Gan’s method of teaching as he places emphasis on understanding concepts and formulas, rather than rote memorisation. He also clearly explains the thought processes when answering various questions...
National Junior College

Our Tutors for O Level and A Level H2 Math Tuition

We specialise in Mathematics because it assures quality and consistency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our tuition rates start from as low as $220 for 4 lessons, depending on the level selected. The fees are fixed at the start of registration to the end of the course, therefore we encourage you to register early. Get more info on our tuition rates by clicking here.

You can sign up for our trial lesson to see how our tutors simplify math concepts.
As seats at our venue are limited, please sign up as soon as possible and we will reserve a slot for you. Visit here to find out more.

Due to the current pandemic, we also offer online lessons to students who wish to continue learning safely. All online lessons are conducted live with teacher and student interactions. Students could also opt for physical lessons.

Achieving results for our students is the number 1 priority, therefore we keep our class sizes small by capping it at 20 students per lesson. Currently, due to social distancing measures, each classroom can only accommodate 10 students for physical lessons. Click here for our tuition schedules and fees.

We spend about 8 hours on lesson preparation for each 2-hour lesson; i.e. revising our notes, marking students’ weekly conceptual tests and writing suggested worked solutions for each math practice question. We do not believe in just going through questions in the classrooms as it does not address the root issue of the conceptual barriers and struggles faced by students with a weakness in mathematics. We will chunk each topic into bite-sized essential concepts and teach the students which are the important points. We would also encourage students to try similar questions. As the lesson progresses, the difficulty in the questions will also increase. We make sure that the questions and concepts written in the notes are sufficient for students to revise for their examinations.

Mr Gan conducts the lessons for JC H2 Mathematics Tuition.
Lessons for lower and upper secondary Elementary Mathematics (E Math) tuition will be conducted by Ms. Fong Ching.
Lessons for O Level/IP Additional Mathematics (A Math) tuition will be conducted by Mr. Sam.

Short answer: Classes are more suitable for students who are self-motivated when it comes to learning.

Long answer: Our math tutors spend, on average, about 8 hours on lesson preparation for every 2 hours-lesson. We seek to improve our learning resources constantly and whenever we craft our notes, we would ask the question, “Would our students be able to face all exam questions by only revising this set of notes?” Moreover, we upload all handwritten solutions so that our students are able to revise in their own time. We invest a great amount of effort in our lesson preparation because we strive to make every minute the student spends in math tuition classes worth it. Moreover, our conceptual tests after each chapter give us the platform to assess the students’ learning and to provide constructive feedback. If group tuition is not effective for you or your child, our tutors would sound out to you.

With many years of teaching in Singapore MOE schools, our math tutors possess the pedagogical knowledge and experience in the classroom. Before starting a new mathematics topic, we would give a brief introduction and an overview of the topic based on students’ prior knowledge. (knowledge learnt in E.math or A.math)

For each new concept, our math tutors will go through an example of it and students are required to attempt similar questions in the given notes. Questions in the notes would increase in difficulty and ultimately prepare students for exam style questions. While students are attempting the questions, our math tutors will be supervising their work and addressing their common misconceptions to the class.

Our Math Tutors always strive to create a conducive and safe environment so that students are comfortable in asking questions. For A.math/IP math, a class test will be given at the end of the lesson to check on their understanding. The goal of the math tuition programme is to ensure that students are ready to face exam style questions.

Yes but it is subjected to availability. You could join other classes or rewatch the recorded lessons. Please SMS/WhatsApp us for a makeup slot.

You could possibly purchase the lesson videos and notes for the topics in Sec 3 and J1. You could also join sec 3/J1 classes concurrently to polish up your foundation in the weaker mathematics topics. Apart from that, we conduct topical revision courses during the school holidays for students to learn each topic in a detailed manner.

One-on-one math tuition slots are highly limited for secondary school math. Unfortunately, we do not offer 1-1 tuition for H2 Math. Please SMS/WhatsApp us to enquire.

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