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The Best Math Learning Resources

Not to mention the vast and quality resources and notes provided with their very website filled with a question bank and video explanations on the questions presented there.

Because learning 2 hours a week in class is simply not enough.

Hybrid Lesson Arrangement

Physical or Online Lessons are available.

Flexibility is key when it comes to education. That’s why we offer a unique hybrid lesson arrangement, allowing students to choose between attending our physical classes or joining our virtual sessions from the comfort of their own homes.

With our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated teaching staff, we ensure that students receive the best learning experience, regardless of their preferred mode of participation.

Comprehensive Notes

Designed by our experienced tutors according to the latest MOE syllabus.

Quality study materials are essential for effective learning. That’s why we provide our students with comprehensive notes meticulously designed by our experienced tutors, keeping in mind the latest Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus.

Our comprehensive notes serve as a valuable resource that supports students in their academic journey and equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Topical Summary Notes

Breaking down Math concepts into bite-sized pieces!

Mathematics can often seem like a daunting subject, filled with complex formulas and abstract concepts.

We understand the challenges that students face when studying math, and that’s why we have developed our Topical Summary Notes – a powerful learning tool that breaks down math concepts into manageable and easily digestible pieces.

Our Topical Summary Notes take a simplified approach to teaching math, making it accessible and engaging for students of all levels. We break down each topic into bite-sized pieces, presenting key concepts, formulas, and problem-solving techniques in a clear and concise manner. By presenting the information in a structured and organized format, students can easily grasp the fundamentals and build a solid foundation for further learning.

Outside-Class Support

Schedule a consultation with our tutors or reach out to our online forum whenever you need.

learning doesn’t stop when the class ends. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our students, even outside of regular class hours. With our outside-class support options, you have access to additional resources and personalized assistance to enhance your learning experience.

We understand that each student has unique learning needs and may require individualized attention to excel in their studies. That’s why we offer consultation sessions with our experienced tutors. These one-on-one sessions provide an opportunity for students to clarify doubts, seek further explanations, and receive personalized guidance on specific topics. Our tutors are committed to addressing your concerns and ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Online Student Learning Portal

Learn beyond the classroom or catch up with recorded video lessons.

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of a classroom. That’s why we have developed an innovative Online Student Learning Portal that allows you to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Our portal provides a comprehensive range of resources and features to enhance your learning experience, promote independent study, and foster collaborative learning.

With our Online Student Learning Portal, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. Our recorded video lessons are available for you to access whenever and wherever you want. Whether you missed a class or want to review a specific topic, our extensive library of video lessons allows you to catch up or delve deeper into the subject matter. You can pause, rewind, and replay the lessons as many times as needed to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Learning becomes even more enriching when you have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers. Our Online Student Learning Portal features an interactive online community where you can connect with fellow students, exchange ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages active participation. You can ask questions, share insights, and benefit from the collective knowledge of a diverse group of learners who are all striving for academic excellence.


Question Bank

Get access to 1000+ different types of questions stored in our Math Question Bank.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering mathematics. That’s why we have developed an extensive Question Bank, packed with over 1000+ different types of questions carefully curated to challenge and sharpen your problem-solving skills.

With our Question Bank, you’ll have access to a wide range of practice questions that cover the entire math syllabus, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your examinations.

Ms Fong Ching Explaining to Students in a Math Tuition Class

Build strong mathematical foundation

The best teachers and resources. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Teaching mathematics

What do we excel at?

Friendly math tutor that offers extensive topical practices on math questions and exposure to different question types (including novel and tougher questions)

Tutor: Mr Gan
Our JC H2 Math tuition classes are taught by Mr Timothy Gan, who deeply understands the H2 Math curriculum. Our H2 Math Tuition offers all the academic support students need to excel in H2 Math. 10 years of teaching experience, an H2 Math Question bank and structured notes and worksheets
Lessons are comprehensive, highly customised, and focused on improving problem-solving skills and exam techniques.
Tutors: Mr Kwok

Our Sec School O Level tuition classes are taught by Mr Kwok. All of whom are MOE trained and have a deep understanding and insights into the rigour and demand of these subjects.

Classes are kept especially small so that students are able to get the supervision they need through close monitoring and guidance from the tutors. 

Tutor: Mr Chen

Our IP Level tuition classes are taught by Mr Chen, who is an assessment book author. With a wealth of knowledge in mathematics, he is ready to answer or break down difficult concepts in an effective manner. 

Our IP curriculum is designed to help students tackle the mental rigour required by the IP syllabi and also prepare our students well to take their A Level H2 Mathematics.

Our Tutors

Meet our Passionate Team of Tutors

We take pride in our team of dedicated and passionate tutors who specialize in Mathematics education. Our tutors are not just knowledgeable in their subject matter; they possess a genuine passion for teaching and a deep understanding of how to effectively impart mathematical concepts to students. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, our tutors ensure the highest quality of education for our students.

Ms Fong Ching - E Math Specialist Tutor

Fong Ching

Sec Math Specialist

Fong Ching

  • Bachelor of Science (Education), NTU
  • MOE Trained
  • A decade worth of teaching experience
More about Ms Fong
Ms Ariel - Sec Level Math Tutor

Ariel Kang

Sec Math Tutor

Ariel Kang

  • National University of Singapore
  • Anglo-Chinese Junior College
More about Ms Ariel

Janice Ng

Sec Math Specialist

Janice Ng

  • Bachelor of Arts, NUS
  • Relief Teacher in MOE Secondary Schools before
  • A decade worth of teaching experience
More about Ms Janice
Ms Yih Lynn - Sec Level Math Tutor

Toh Yih Lynn

Sec Math Tutor

Toh Yih Lynn

  • Nanyang Junior College
  • National University of Singapore
More about Ms Yih Lynn
Mr Chen - Sec Level Math Specialist

Chen Jun An

IP Math Specialist

Chen Jun An

  • Master of Science, King's College London
  • Currently pursuing Master of Science, Mathematics of Educators, NIE NTU
More about Mr Chen
Tim Gan Having H2 Math tuition consultation

Timothy Gan

H2 Math Specialist

Timothy Gan

  • pursuing Master of Science (Mathematics), NIE NTU
  • MOE Trained
  • A decade worth of teaching experience
More about Mr Gan

Are you a passionate math educator?

Love to inspire students through mathematics? Want to join like minded educators in a professional setting? 

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Hear from our students

Miss Fong is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who strives to do her best to help her students. Personally, under her guidance, not only has my results in E math improved significantly, I also grew to enjoy the subject.

Megan Yeoh, Nan Hua Hugh School

Megan Yeoh

Nan Hua High School

I really enjoyed Miss Fong’s lessons (E Math Tuition) as I really like the ways she teaches and makes sure everyone understands what she has taught before moving on to the next question/topic.

She along willingly sacrifices her time to come early for class if we need consultation.

Fong Ching's E Math Tuition Class

Ariel Kang

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Miss Fong is a very passionate teacher who teaches math in a straightforward and clear way. The many practices given to me were very helpful as they opened my eyes to different and complicated questions.

I quickly managed to understand her simple lessons which made her lessons very effective. 

mf 27 JC H2 Math Tuition, O Level, IB HL & IP Online Course & Maths Tuition Singapore

Kueh Xin Yan

Queensway Secondary School

Mr Gan is one of, if not the most patient teachers I’ve ever met. His ability to break down complex theories into simpler, bite-size concepts made a world of difference for me! His optimism and cheeriness made every lesson a joy to attend. The wide range of materials available, including the super helpful website with its database of questions, were great for my practice! Not to mention, Mr Gan replies promptly to any queries you have, and helps you look for that little error in your working, so you can get the answer! Thank you so much Mr Gan!
mf 27 JC H2 Math Tuition, O Level, IB HL & IP Online Course & Maths Tuition Singapore

Evelyn Chua

Hwa Chong Institution

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Gan’s method of teaching as he places emphasis on understanding concepts and formulas, rather than rote memorisation.

He also clearly explains the thought processes when answering various questions, making it easier for me to apply the same approaches to different problems.

Additionally, Mr Gan’s online portal has many learning resources which helped with my learning tremendously.

mf 27 JC H2 Math Tuition, O Level, IB HL & IP Online Course & Maths Tuition Singapore


National Junior College

Notes from TimGanMath were always packed with practices and examples which provided us with an avenue to apply the theoretical knowledge learnt in class.

Mr Gan also meticulously goes into detail the explanation behind concepts, especially for the more challenging topics.

I particularly appreciated the effort he puts into clarifying our doubts through complimentary consult sessions and impromptu texts. 

mf 27 JC H2 Math Tuition, O Level, IB HL & IP Online Course & Maths Tuition Singapore

Phyllis Yen

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still Have Unanswered Questions?

We’re here to answer your doubts. If you can’t find your question here, send us a message!

Our tuition rates start from as low as $260 for 4 lessons, depending on the level selected. The fees are fixed from the start of the registration to the end of the course (Lower Sec course, Upper Sec course & JC course), therefore we encourage you to register early. Get more info on our tuition rates.

Yes, Of course! We highly recommend you to do so. We believe that each student should attend a trial before signing up for tuition.

You can sign up for our paid trial lesson to see how our tutors simplify math concepts. You can even attend as many trial lessons as you like until you decide whether to join the lessons. Do note that online learning portal access is not included in the trial lesson.

As seats at our venue are limited, please sign up as soon as possible and we will reserve a slot for you. WhatsApp/Call us as +65 8748 8161 to reserve a slot now.

Due to the current pandemic, we also offer online lessons to students who wish to continue learning safely. Our centre is fully equipped with high quality audio and video equipment to stream all lessons live and provide the best online learning experience for our students. All online lessons are conducted live with teacher and student interactions. 

Achieving results for our students is the number 1 priority, therefore we keep our class sizes small by capping it at 10 students per lesson for secondary classes and 12 students for JC H2 Math Tuition classes. Due to physical limitations, each classroom can only accommodate 10 students for physical lessons. If a class is full physically, you may opt for online lessons. Find out more on our schedules and fees.

We spend about at least 8 hours on lesson preparation for each 2-hour lesson; i.e. revising our notes, marking students’ conceptual tests, writing suggested worked solutions for each math practice question and planning each lesson according to the class’ learning needs.

Ask any TGM students, they will attest to the fact that the tutors work extremely hard for them. 

We do not believe in just going through questions in the classrooms as it does not address the root issue of the conceptual barriers and struggles faced by students with a weakness in mathematics. 

We will chunk each topic into bite-sized essential concepts and teach the students which are the important points. We would also encourage students to try similar questions.

As the lesson progresses, the difficulty of the questions will also increase. We make sure that the questions and concepts written in the notes are sufficient for students to revise for their examinations.

All our lessons follow a structured curriculum (which also adapts accordingly to each class’ learning needs) that is designed by our own curriculum specialists who are very experienced ex-MOE Mathematics teachers and even Mathematics textbook authors.

Mr Gan conducts the lessons for H2 Math Tuition. 

Lessons for lower and upper secondary E Math tuition and A Math tuition are conducted by Ms. Fong Ching, Mr. Lua, Mr. Kwok, Ms Janice, Ms Ariel and Ms. Yih Lynn.

With many years of teaching in Singapore MOE schools, our math tutors possess pedagogical knowledge and experience in the classroom.

Before starting a new mathematics topic, we would give a brief introduction and an overview of the topic based on students’ prior knowledge (knowledge learnt in E.math or A.math).

For each new concept, our math tutors will go through an example of it and students are required to attempt similar questions in the given notes. Questions in the notes would increase in difficulty and ultimately prepare students for exam-style questions.

While students are attempting the questions, our math tutors will be supervising their work and addressing their common misconceptions to the class.

Our Math Tutors always strive to create a conducive and safe environment so that students are comfortable asking questions.

For A.math/IP math, a class test will be given at the end of each topic to check on their understanding.

The goal of the programme is to ensure that students are ready to face exam-style questions.

Yes, but it is subjected to availability as the tutor’s schedule can often be very packed. You can join another class doing the same lesson or catch up on the missed lessons on the online learning portal. If necessary, the tutor may arrange a short online or physical consultation to address your questions. 

We offer an optional one-time add-on fee of SGD107 for you to access the full Sec 3 topics (complete with comprehensive notes, video lessons and video worked solutions for each topic) on our online learning portal if you continue with our lessons. If you have any doubts you need to clarify, you can either ask in our online community or ask your tutor directly.

For H2 Math Tuition, please contact Mr Gan.
For IP Math Tuition, please contact Mr Gan.
For E Math and A Math Tuition, please contact Ms Janice, Mr Kwok or Mr Lua. 

If you sign up for our regular lessons before end June of your JC2 year, you can get free access to our H2 Math Question Bank with over a thousand H2 Mathematics questions for you to practice and to check your answers with the handwritten and video solutions available.

If you wish to purchase the individual JC1 topics (notes and lesson videos), please let us know.

Apart from that, we conduct topical revision courses during the school holidays for students to learn each topic in a detailed manner.

With our extensive digital library and comprehensive note, our H2 Math Tuition Programme is designed to help you to excel in the subject.

Yes, we do provide private tutoring or coaching lessons. 1-1 tuition classes are rated according to the experience of the tutor assigned. All our 1-1 tutors use our Tim Gan Math quality resources to teach and guide the students.

Do note that our MOE trained teachers are usually high in demand. 

More details can be found on our one-to-one private tuition page.

Learning mathematics at a higher level, especially GCE A-Level H2 math or O-Level A Math requires educators who are passionate about the subjects and familiar with the current MOE syllabus.

We are educators who are well prepared for every lesson, equipping ourselves with different tools and teaching pedagogies to help math students learn better.

Our whole lesson package consists of checkpoint tests, online videos, lesson materials, modelling software and well-structured lessons.

We give out conceptual tests to gauge students’ understanding and address their misconceptions.

Our math tutors meticulously mark students’ work by following the requirements of the MOE syllabus, this would help students to gain the proper feedback in their learning.

We use research-proven techniques to teach by chunking down the subject content into bite-sized pieces. We find that it has been proven to be optimal for the learning and retention of knowledge.

Other than that, we firmly believe in subject specialisation. In our centre, the tutors devote their fullest attention to the subject they are teaching, be it IP math, O Level A Math, O Level E Math or JC H2 Mathematics.

Our math tutors are also equipped with years of teaching experience in both public and private education sectors and constantly meet up to share and improve our teaching pedagogies and best practices.

Students like our classes as we do not hesitate to answer their queries during or after lessons via personal consultations, WhatsApp or online video solutions.

Our tutors are firm believers in developing a growth mindset when it comes to learning mathematics. Students are encouraged to try and fail until they succeed in our lessons: ‘there is no success without failing’ is the bedrock of our teaching pedagogy.

With this approach at our centre, we hope that the taste of success will intrinsically motivate students to do better in Mathematics.

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Learning Mathematics better one step at a time. 

MF 27 for H2 Math Tuition

List MF 27

What is the MF 27? The MF 27, set to replace the MF 26 from 2025, is a comprehensive formula sheet developed by the Ministry of Education Singapore in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment International Education. This formula list is designated

mf 27 JC H2 Math Tuition, O Level, IB HL & IP Online Course & Maths Tuition Singapore

Introducing Our Sec 1 Assessment Book: From Concepts to Confidence

Welcome to Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, where we have been dedicated to nurturing mathematical excellence since our establishment in 2017. At our centre, we are committed to providing quality resources and employing effective pedagogies that empower students to excel

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