What is H2 Mathematics and How Important Is It?

Timothy Gan

What is H2 Mathematics?

The H2 Mathematics syllabus is designed to equip students with the necessary skills they need for a range of university courses, and is hence, one of the most popular subjects opted for amongst JC students. While H2 Mathematics (Syllabus 9758) is meant to be a natural progression from the O Level Additional Mathematics (Syllabus 4049), the jump in academic rigour is a challenging one for many students.

Why is H2 Mathematics Important?

In an ever-evolving career landscape, acquiring the mathematical skills that the H2 Mathematics syllabus aims to hone is essential in understanding of a myriad of disciplines. In particular, H2 Math lays the necessary foundation for students looking to pursue engineering, science and technology-related fields. Furthermore, while universities do not explicitly mention that H2 Math is a subject requirement for some courses, it is preferred over H1 Math in science.

Through applying such mathematical skills, students can develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a valuable asset to possess in this increasingly dynamic world. Beyond that, H2 Math also provides an avenue for students to deepen their appreciation and interest in Mathematics, its connections to other disciplines, and its application in the real world.

What do you need in H2 Mathematics?

Here is the list of things you need while you are taking H2 Math:

  1. A graphing calculator
  2. The MF 26
  3. A strong Additional Math foundation
h2 mathematics What is H2 Mathematics and How Important Is It?

Examination Structure

For the ‘A’ Levels, there are two 3-hour papers for the H2 Mathematics Examination, where each paper carries 100 marks. This translates to a total of 200 marks, in which each mark makes up 0.5% of the overall grade.

PaperPaper Requirements
Paper 1
100 marks
3 hours
based on Pure Mathematics section of the syllabus only
consists of 10-12 questions
minimally 2 questions on the application of Mathematics in the real-world context (at least 12 marks per question)
students are required to answer all questions
Paper 2
100 marks
3 hours
based on Pure Mathematics and Statistics section of the syllabus

Section A
worth 40 marks in total
consists of 4-5 questions of different lengths and marks based on the Pure Math section of the syllabus only

Section B
• worth 60 marks in total
consists of 6-8 questions of different lengths and marks based on the Statistics section of the syllabus only
at least 2 questions on the application of Mathematics in real-world contexts, where each question would carry at least 12 marks

Syllabus Outline

Section A: Pure Mathematics
1. Functions and Graphs
1.1 Functions
1.2 Graphs and transformations
1.3 Equalities and inequalities
2. Sequences and Series
3. Vectors
3.1 Basic properties of vectors in two and three dimensions
3.2 Scalar and vector products in vectors
3.3 Three-dimensional vector geometry
4. Introduction to Complex Numbers
4.1 Complex numbers expressed in cartesian form
4.2 Complex numbers expressed in  polar form
5. Calculus
5.1 Differentiation
5.2 Maclaurin series
5.3 Integration techniques
5.4 Definite integrals
5.5 Differential equations
Section B: Probability and Statistics
6. Probability and Statistics
6.1 Probability
6.2 Discrete random variables
6.3 Normal distribution
6.4 Sampling
6.5 Hypothesis testing
6.6 Correlation and linear regression

Useful Articles To Help You Excel in H2 Mathematics


Despite being one of the most common subjects taken by JC students, many are unprepared for the academic rigour that H2 Math requires. Fortunately, there are many online resources available for students to bridge the gap between O Level A Math and H2 Math.

You’re not alone; struggling with H2 Math is a very common problem faced by many students! If you need any help in H2 Math, feel free to contact us, or find out more about our H2 Math Tuition here!

Published: 15th February 2023
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