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An Overview of Our H2 Math Tuition

H2 Math Tuition taught by Mr Gan
Are you struggling with JC H2 math problems and looking for math tutor to help you improve your grades? Look no further! 
Question bank with video solutions, Quality Notes, Experienced Tutor and MOE trained tutor.
Our H2 Math Tuition has helped hundreds of students improve their math grades and confidence with superior student support and resources!
H2 Math Summary Booklet

Everything you need to know summarised into 30 pages

H2 Math Question Bank

A compilation of over 1000 questions accompanied by handwritten and video solutions

Online Learning Portal

To help learning beyond the classroom

Structured Curriculum

Designed by ex-MOE teachers.

Resources and Materials

Structured and Curated

We go beyond the classroom to provide an enhanced learning experience. Online Student Learning Portal and H2 Mathematics Question Bank access. Video solutions which are easy to understand and break questions down to easy chunks.
Our JC H2 Mathematics Curriculum ensures comprehensive concept coverage and addresses misconceptions. These core building blocks form the foundation of our curriculum, fostering exam readiness.

Structured Curriculum

Mastering the Basics to Exam-Style Questions
At Tim Gan Math, we understand the importance of a structured curriculum when it comes to JC H2 Math tuition.
Crafted based on the current MOE curriculum. Our lesson notes explore the foundational to difficult math concepts. Our goal is to prepare students to master the fundamentals to exam-style questions.
Be it physical or online classes, Mr. Gan will address any gaps faced by students. He will also go through questions of varying difficulties. He addresses common misconceptions to look out for in solving such questions.

Extensive Practice for Exam-Style Questions

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to H2 Math. Our revision worksheets include a wide range of exam-style questions.
These questions are carefully selected to cover all concepts in the H2 Math syllabus. This allows students to gain exposure to various problems they may not have seen before.
Structured Notes for Easy Understanding
Our structured notes are important for helping students to remember core concepts. Our notes have clear explanations, step-by-step solutions, and examples that make sense. It is a helpful guide that students can use to review and strengthen their understanding.
Regular Assessments to Track Progress
We regularly give tests to check how our students are doing and see where they can get better. These tests are like real exams and see how well students can use what they’ve learned. Our tutors can give specific advice and change how they teach to fit each student’s needs. This way, every student gets the help and guidance that’s right for them.

Online Learning Portal

Learning Math Anytime Anywhere
Are you searching for the top online learning portal for H2 Math tuition? You’re in luck! Our online learning portal has already helped many students to excel in their exams.
You’ll have easy access to important lessons, lots of helpful resources, and tools to help you to math. Our learning portal is made to give you the best H2 Math learning experience possible.
Our Online Student Learning Portal lets students watch videos and see written solutions. They can also find extra worksheets to practice more.
Convenient Exam Preparation: Rewatch Crucial Lessons
We know how important it is to get ready for exams well. That’s why our online learning portal lets you watch important lessons whenever and wherever you want.
Our portal works if you need to go over a certain idea again, look at a hard topic again. Or make sure you understand key ideas well, our portal lets you study in the way that works best for you. You can watch as many video lessons as you want, so you’ll feel prepared for your exams.
Comprehensive Resources at Your Fingertips
Our online learning portal has a bunch of helpful resources for you. We have structured notes, practice questions, solved examples, and exam-style papers.
These resources are chosen to give you everything you need to do well on your exams. It’s like a treasure trove of materials to support you on your H2 Math journey.
Come and try our highly-rated H2 Math tuition online learning portal. Join lots of successful students to get access to lots of resources and feel ready for their exams.

H2 Math Question Bank

SG’s largest H2 Math Question Bank 
We have a big collection of H2 Mathematics questions for you to practice with in Singapore. There are a thousand over questions with videos and handwritten solutions. If you join our lessons before July of your J2 year, you’ll get access to this collection at no extra cost.
To get the best results in H2 Maths, use these questions together with our Online Learning Portal. Mr. Gan, who has been teaching H2 Mathematics for over ten years. He has gathered a wide range of questions that have been asked in exams and by our students.
H2 Math Summary Notes or Bible

H2 Math Summary Booklet

The H2 Math Bible
Our students call it the JC H2 Math Bible. It’s a booklet that summarizes important things to remember for the H2 Math. Every JC Math tuition student gets a copy of this booklet.
Our H2 Math Summary Booklet is popular among our students. They find it very helpful and it has been successful in helping them understand the subject. It covers everything you need to know for your exams, broken down into easy-to-understand concepts. It’s like a handy guide that you can use to learn effectively!
Mr Gan also provides free WhatsApp consultation for students who joined the H2 Math Tuition.

WhatsApp Consultation

Math Support at fingertips
Still have a quick question? WhatsApp Mr Gan anytime and he will get back to you as soon as he can!
We make it a priority to give our students lots of support and help them with any questions or doubts they have. With our easy WhatsApp consultation, students can directly talk to Mr. Gan and get quick and accurate answers to their H2 Math questions. Mr. Gan goes the extra mile to make sure students get the help they need to do well in their studies.
Get Your H2 Math Questions Answered with Ease
We make it a priority to give our students lots of support and help them with any questions or doubts they have. With our easy WhatsApp consultation, students can directly talk to Mr. Gan and get quick and accurate answers to their H2 Math questions. Mr. Gan goes the extra mile to make sure students get the help they need to do well in their studies.
Direct Communication via WhatsApp Consultation
We know that students sometimes have questions or concepts that they need help with right away. That’s why we offer a WhatsApp consultation service, where students can contact Mr. Gan for personalized guidance.
Whether it’s a simple question or a more challenging problem, Mr. Gan is always there to give timely help. This way, students can keep moving forward with their H2 Math studies without any delays.
Video Solutions for Difficult Questions
When a question is really tough or needs a visual explanation, Mr. Gan makes video solutions. These videos show a step-by-step breakdown of how to solve the problem, making it easier for students to understand the concepts.
Once the problem is solved, we add these videos to our H2 Math question bank. This makes our collection of resources even better and gives future students valuable references to learn from.
Continuous Expansion of our H2 Math Question Bank
We don’t just offer individual consultations, we go even further to help our students. We keep adding more challenging questions to our H2 Math question bank. Along with video solutions and detailed explanations. This way, our students have lots of practice materials to work with, which helps them improve their skills and get ready for exams well.
Get Unmatched Support in H2 Math with Us!
Online Math Course community

Online Community

Learning from Peers and Teachers

If you have any difficult question that you encountered, post it in the online community! Here you can learn from your friends and teachers.
If it is a question that requires a good amount of explanation, Mr. Gan will post up a video solution for you and add it in the Question Bank!
Our H2 Math Pedagogy

Building your confidence in JC H2 Math

Here, at Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we believe that JC H2 Mathematics can be easy to understand. All math problems can be reduced to bite-sized math concepts that can be built on when given the right materials and resources.

Our goal here is not just to support our students academically, but more importantly, to enjoy the learning process and apply what they have learnt to their future careers. 

Our students have often commented that the gap between ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level H2 Mathematics is one that is difficult to bridge, especially given the short time span they are given to master such heavy content.

To ensure that students are well prepared on their H2 Math journey, our tuition centres offers the best H2 Math resources, such as our H2 Mathematics Question Bank, Online Student Learning Portal, and our H2 Math Summary Booklet.

The challenges faced by JC students in H2 Math

Many students find H2 mathematics a difficult subject in their school curriculum in Singapore.  Here are some of the common problems many JC students face:

  • Busy schedule in school
  • Take a longer time to learn H2 math concepts
  • Lack of exposure to different types of questions as exam questions seem tough!
  • Do not know how to start at all
  • Lack of homework support

Is H2 Math Tuition necessary?

No, it is not necessary. Then why do students come and learn mathematics with us? Because our job is to shorten the process of learning with effective teaching pedagogies and quality resources.

Especially at a higher level of mathematics, many JC students find JC H2 Maths tuition is a necessity as it saves them precious time to grasp the concepts.

With 2000+ videos stored in our online portal and H2 Math question bank, our tuition programme helps thousands of students to do well in their exams. 

H2 Math results are never easier to achieve.

Are lessons in school insufficient? Why do students require additional help?

By enrolling in math tuition, students are receiving additional maths tutor aid or tutelage outside of the classroom.

As mathematics is a subject that requires effective practice and understanding to excel, and given that students have limited time due to busy schedules, this makes the option of having a tutor in Singapore a viable one for many students.

It provides additional support especially so for A Level H2 math and IP curriculum as the syllabi require a rigorous framework for learning.

An unanswered query in mathematics often leads to misconceptions, which becomes more difficult to correct in the long run.

Hence, enrolling in supplementary maths tuition classes, such as H2 Math Tuition and A Math Tuition, in Singapore goes a long way in making sure your (or your child’s) understanding and foundations are correct from the outset. A strong foundation is often the secret to success!

H2 Math Tuition Schedules

Mark your calendars to experience learning with the best Math resources

Math can be stressful and tough! But it doesn’t have to be. Learn easy methods to tackle complex concepts with our friendly and experienced educator.

2024 JC1 | Y5

King's Arcade
7PM - 9PM
King's Arcade
4.30PM - 6.30PM
4.30PM - 6.30PM
King's Arcade
11.45AM - 1.45PM
6PM - 8PM
New Class (WhatsApp +65 8748 8161 to Enquire)

2024 JC2 | Y6

King's Arcade
5PM - 7PM
King's Arcade
6.30PM - 8.30PM
7PM - 9PM
King's Arcade
9.30AM - 11.30AM
4PM - 6PM
King's Arcade
4.15PM - 6.15PM

We group our students based on the school syllabus. *Please Whatsapp us at +65 8748 8161 to enquire which class is suitable for you.

We kindly request that you treat our administrative staff and teachers with care and respect. It is important to note that our center has a selective admission policy, and while we strive to accommodate as many students as possible, there are instances where we may not be able to offer admission. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Tuition Fees

Affordable JC H2 Math Tuition with maximum value provided to you


  • Fees are fixed from JC1 to JC2 E.g. if you join in JC1 (Physical), your lesson fees will be SGD380/4 weeks until the end of JC2. However, if you join only in JC2, it will be SGD420/4 weeks until end of JC2. (Note that JC2 starts in November of the previous year.)
  • *No materials or registration fees required.
  • *Fees are applicable for students who join in July or later in their JC2 year ($150 inclusive of registration, material and online account setup fee).
Level Physical lesson (per 4 weeks) Online lesson (per 4 weeks) Private Tuition (Hourly Rate)
JC 1
SGD 380
SGD 360
SGD 130 - SGD 200 per hour
JC 2
SGD 420
SGD 400
SGD 150 - SGD200 per hour

Free Mini Course (JC H2 Math Vectors)

With our online courses, you can learn at your own pace and take your time whenever it’s most convenient for you. Experience learning with us now for free!

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H2 math tuition H2 Math Tuition Singapore - Learning with the Best Resources
A good H2 math tutor

How to choose a good h2 math tutor to help you succeed? – 5 important traits

Knowing how to choose a good H2 Math tutor is crucial and it will be the most effective when you engage them earlier in your JC years. There are so many H2 math tutors in the market that sometimes deciding on the one that will suit you or your child best can be a daunting task. Moreover, you only have less than 2 years to make the best decision to find the JC H2 math tuition programme that meets your learning needs.

The most important trait to look for in a math tutor is his or her attitude towards education. A good tutor will not just focus on giving you answers but a framework of how to understand the concepts, not on how much time you want to spend on them. This is a good thing if you want to learn more, not less. However, there are other things you should look out for as well. A good tutor should be reliable. If they give you bad answers or misguide you in any way, then they aren’t a good tutor.

1. The Number of students
because numbers never lie.

Let’s face it, JC students lead hectic lives. With school commitments, CCA, academia and social life, JC students find their time increasingly precious and would not want to spend time on things that do not benefit them. Most JC students do not want to waste time on tuition. Thus, one good indicator of a good math tutor would be the number of students he has as students are willing to travel for the lessons and find that the lessons are worth their time and money. It shows that the educator is effective and they are gaining from the learning experience. No matter how we would like to debate the effectiveness of a tutor, numbers never lie. 
2. The Steady Improvement of Results
because results matter ultimately

This is probably one of the main reasons, if not the only reason, why parents send their children for tuition. This is also closely related to the previous point, i.e. if the results do not show, the numbers would be weak. The A level examination is crucial for universities’ applications, there is no reason to say that the importance of the outcome is otherwise.  Choose a math tutor from which you feel enlightened after every lesson.
3. The Rapport with students
because it helps with learning

One way to learn better in class is to ask questions and it is no surprise why teachers who possess good teacher-student relations (TSR) are effective educators; as it provides a safe learning environment to ask questions without being afraid of the teacher. As such, approachability is paramount to students’ success in learning especially for subjects like H2 Math at JC level.  
4. Specialisation of H2 Math
because it means concentration of the skill

Tutors who claim that they can teach a few JC subjects and say that they are subject experts are not putting enough effort into the lesson preparations. Any good JC tutors understand that lesson preparation for any JC subject is demanding. Akin to any service industry, a true subject specialist only focuses on one field. It takes time and effort to hone the skill to explain abstract concepts to students and it is a constant learning process for the tutor. Thus, a good JC math tutor specializes.
5. The Resourcefulness of an H2 Math Tutor
because 2 hrs a week is just not enough

H2 Math needs constant practice, it’s even so for H2 mathematics. Any sensible students and teachers would tell you that 2 hours per week of mathematics won’t cut it. You need constant practice and assistance. Thankfully, with the help of technology, practice questions and solutions and video tutorials could be made available to students via the online portal. That is of course if the tutor provides this service for the students. 
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Knowing the type of questions and how does H2 math tutor can help

H2 math is about problem-solving and critical thinking. Thus, it’s important to know what are the types of questions you need to overcome before you engage a tutor. There are essentially 4 types of examination questions,

  1. Qestions you know that you can do – These are typically simple and straightforward questions that you see in the examinations.
  2. Questions you don’t know that you can do – These are the types of questions you may not see that often but when you encounter them you know how to solve them.
  3. Questions you know that you cannot do – These are the types of questions that you have seen and tried in tutorials prior to exams but still struggle to solve in exams.
  4. Questions that you don’t know about and can’t do – These are the scariest types of questions that you don’t know their existence and you will leave the last to attempt in exams.

The types of H2 math questions and where tutors stand
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It is hard to a find a tutor like him who not only cares about your results but also your personal growth as an individual.

H2 Math Specialist Tim Gan

Taught hundreds of H2 Math students. Consider joining our H2 Maths Tuition Courses to supercharge your learning in H2 Math!