H2 Math Tuition

H2 Math Tuition

An Overview of Our Classes

Here, at Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we believe that Mathematics is a subject that builds on itself, that even the most complex topics have a foundation of bite-sized concepts that can be built on when given the right materials and resources in our JC H2 Maths Tuition. Our goal here is not just to support our students academically, but more importantly, to enjoy the learning process and apply what they have learnt to their future careers.

Our students have often commented that the gap between ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level H2 Mathematics is one that is difficult to bridge, especially given the short time span they are given to master such heavy content. To ensure that students are well-equipped on their H2 Math journey, our centre offers a myriad of resources, such as our H2 Mathematics Question Bank, Online Student Learning Portal, and our H2 Math Summary Booklet.

Resources and Materials

Structured and expertly curated to provide an optimal learning experience

At Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we believe that learning takes place beyond the classroom. Join us to gain access to our Online Student Learning Portal and H2 Mathematics Question Bank today!

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Structured Curriculum

designed by ex-MOE teachers

Online Learning Portal

to facilitate learning beyond the classroom

H2 Math Question Bank

a compilation of over 1000 questions accompanied by handwritten and video solutions

H2 Math Summary Booklet

everything you need to know summarised into 30 pages

H2 Math H2 Mathematics

Structured Curriculum

Our H2 Math Tuition is carefully structured based on the current MOE curriculum and designed to build on a student’s foundation of ‘O’ Level Additional Mathematics. Be it physical or online classes, Mr Gan will go through the mathematical topics being taught, as well as review and address any gaps in our students’ understanding on the spot. While doing so, he will also go through questions of varying difficulties and address common ‘pitfalls’ to look out for in solving such questions.

Online Learning Portal

Here at Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we believe that Math is a subject that requires consistent practice and that learning occurs beyond the classroom or the weekly 2-hour lesson. Hence, we have launched our Online Student Learning Portal to achieve these goals by allowing students to access video recordings and handwritten solutions to past lesson materials and additional worksheets. Doing these allow our students to fully internalise what they have learnt, as well as seek further practice to strengthen their concepts.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in teaching H2 Mathematics, Mr Gan has amassed a wide collection of questions that have been asked during examinations and by our students. Our students will gain full access to this Question Bank, where the questions are accompanied with video and handwritten solutions. When used in conjunction with the online Student Learning Portal, our students can effectively learn at their own pace!

H2 Math Summary Notes or Bible

Widely used by our students, our H2 Math Summary Booklet has been extremely well-received and proven successful in guiding our students’ understanding of the subject. Everything you need to know for your exams have been meticulously broken down into bite-sized concepts within 30 pages – an effective at-hand guide to facilitate any student’s learning!

Free Mini Course (Vectors)

With our online courses, you can learn at your own pace and take your time whenever it’s most convenient for you. Experience learning with us now for free!

H2 Math H2 Mathematics

Mark your calendars to experience learning with the best Math resources

Math can be stressful and tough! But it doesn’t have to be. Learn easy methods to tackle complex concepts with our friendly and experienced educator.

2023 JC1

King's Arcade
7PM - 9PM
First Lesson Will Start In Jan 2023
King's Arcade
To Be Announced
To Be Announced
First Lesson Will Start In Jan 2023

2023 JC2

King's Arcade
7PM - 9PM
King's Arcade
2PM - 4PM
7PM - 9PM
King's Arcade
5PM - 7PM

We group our students based on the school syllabus. *Please Whatsapp us at +65 8748 8161 to enquire which class is suitable for you.


Affordable with maximum value provided to you


  • Fees are fixed from JC1 to JC2 E.g. if you join in JC1 (Physical), your lesson fees will be SGD380/4 weeks until the end of JC2. However, if you join only in JC2, it will be SGD400/4 weeks until end of JC2. (Note that JC2 starts in November of the previous year.)
  • *For H2 Math Question Bank, fees applicable for students who join in July or later in their JC2 year.
  • No materials or registration fees required.
Level Physical lesson (per 4 weeks) Online lesson (per 4 weeks)
JC 1
SGD 380
SGD 360
JC 2
SGD 400
SGD 380

If you are looking for one-to-one tutoring, the rates vary according to the experience and credentials of the tutor assigned. Please visit our one-to-one private tuition page for more details.

The Core Of Our H2 Math Tuition Curriculum

What's Included in Your JC H2 Math Lesson Fee?

Our H2 Mathematics Curriculum (H2 Math Tuition) is designed to make sure that all concepts are taught well and misconceptions are addressed. This way, our students will be prepared for exams. These are the core building blocks of our curriculum.

  • Structured Curriculum and Teaching

    Our curriculum is based on the most recent MOE H2 Math syllabus and teaching adapts accordingly to the changing needs of the students. During each lesson, Mr Gan explains the mathematical topic being taught and addresses any gaps in student's understanding of the concepts.

  • H2 Math Online Learning Portal

    This portal is given to all JC H2 Mathematics students. It contains recorded lessons that the student attended and also handwritten solutions. Students can review any concepts that they feel they need to relook into again or any lessons that they missed.

  • H2 Math Question Bank

    This is a large collection of hundreds and hundreds of H2 Mathematics Questions for your practice complete with video and handwritten solutions! This is inclusive in the lesson fee to all students who join before July of their J2 year. Use this in conjunction with our Online Learning Portal for the best results on top of our H2 Maths Tuition!

  • H2 Math Summary Notes

    Known affectionately as the H2 Math Bible to our ex-students, this summary booklet serves as a quick revision guide for students to look through key learning points for topics covered in H2 Mathematics exam. This is given to all our H2 Mathematics tuition students.

  • Online Community

    If you have any difficult question that you encountered that is not found in the Question Bank (for e.g. during your tutorial or homework), post it in the online community! If it is a question that requires a good amount of explanation, Mr Gan will post up a video solution for you and add it in the Question Bank!

  • Whatsapp Consultation

    Still have a quick question? WhatsApp Mr Gan anytime and he will get back to you as soon as he can!

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H2 Math H2 Mathematics

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