One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Need a dedicated Mathematics tutor to guide you? We have a highly qualified and carefully selected team of Mathematics tutors to make sure your Mathematics learning potential is maximised!

Focused Coaching

Benefits of 1-1 Private Tuition

Dedicated Attention

Students who find it difficult to keep up with the pace of group lessons will find 1-1 private tuition more effective due to the dedicated attention by the tutor on their assigned student. The tutor is able to manage the pace of the lesson to suit the student so that the student is not missing out on important lesson points.

Minimal Distractions

Due to the focused attention of the tutor on the student, there is less distraction that will steer the student away from learning during the scheduled lesson time. Students with difficulty focusing in a class full of activity will find 1-1 private tuition especially beneficial.

Customised Teaching

With just 1 student to attend to in a lesson, the tutor can customise the lesson materials, structure, key learning points and homework to the student's learning needs.

One-to-one private tuition | Tim Gan Math Learning Centre

We understand that students have different learning styles and needs. While some students learn best in group tuition classes, there are also students who find that they learn better with 1-1 focused lessons.


How is our 1-1 Private tuition different

Full Stack of Mathematics Resources with the Focused Coaching


Experienced Tutor

Our pool of private Maths tutors are selected based on reliable recommendations and through stringent selection processes to ensure that you or your child receives the best learning guide to Mathematics. They possess excellent mastery of the topics in the Singapore MOE Mathematics syllabus and are professional towards teaching you or your child.


Access to Our Online Resources

All our students (including one-to-one students) gain access to our online resources which include structured lesson videos, extra practices and worksheets, downloadable comprehensive notes etc. for students to get extra practice on their own. To have a look at our online resources, sign up for an account using the link below:


Structured Lessons

We believe that students learn Mathematics best with a proper and well-researched structure rather than only being given practices or assessment books to do during lessons. Our tutors teach using our resources which are carefully structured by our in-house curriculum specialists who are ex-MOE teachers with years of experience teaching Mathematics in schools. 


Close monitoring

Learning Mathematics needs to be a two-way process. Feedback for students is important to show them what they are doing correctly and incorrectly. Our tutors are trained to ensure proper feedback and timely assessment is provided to make sure students are learning the right concepts and building good Mathematical foundations. We also work closely with parents to make sure that you are in the loop regarding your child’s learning.

Rates and Location

Choose the rates according to your needs

We have two different categories of tutors available – Undergraduate or MOE-trained/Higher Education Mathematics Degree holders.

All our tutors teach using our resources and structure their lessons using our curriculum, while catering to the students’ needs.

  • Part-Time tutors

    Our part-time tutors are handpicked by Mr Gan, our founder, himself from his pool of top A Level H2 Mathematics graduates and they possess minimally an 'A' for A Level H2 Mathematics grade. They are assessed to have good attitude and strong Mathematical conceptual knowledge before being assigned a student to teach.

  • MOE-trained/Higher Education Mathematics Degree holders

    Our MOE-trained/Higher Education Mathematics Degree holders (Masters or PhD) are tutors with at least 3 years of experience teaching Mathematics either in schools or privately. Their schedules are more limited and may not always be available.

Level Part-Time (Undergraduate) MOE-trained/Higher Education
Lower Sec Maths
Upper Sec E Maths
Upper Sec A Maths
JC H2 Maths

We kindly request that you treat our administrative staff and teachers with care and respect. It is important to note that our center has a selective admission policy, and while we strive to accommodate as many students as possible, there are instances where we may not be able to offer admission. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Lessons can be held at our centre (subject to availability of the classrooms), at your home.

Our math tutor rates are higher because we prioritize quality and excellence in our tutoring services. Unlike other tutoring services, we take great care in selecting our tutors. Each tutor undergoes a rigorous selection process personally conducted by Mr. Gan, ensuring that only the most qualified and dedicated individuals are chosen.

Additionally, students under our tutelage have access to our comprehensive online resources and systems. We understand the importance of providing students with additional learning materials and tools to supplement their in-person tutoring sessions.

Our Private Tutors

Part-Time Tutors

Ms Yih Lynn - Sec Level Math Tutor

Toh Yih Lynn

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Shannon Chang

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Joanne Kong

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Guo Xiao Yu

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Elizabeth Ong

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Phyllis Yen

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Gwen Pai

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Genevieve Tan

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private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Jamie Yeo

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Postgraduate Tutors

private tuition One-to-One Mathematics Tuition

Chen Jun An

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