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Here, at Tim Gan Math Learning Centre, we aim to provide a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus using our concise and structured lesson materials. Capped at 10 physical students per class, this ensures that our students have undivided attention from our tutors.

As firm believers that true effective learning happens beyond the classroom, we have launched our online Student Learning Portal which allows students to gain access to video explanations and step-by-step workings to past lesson materials and additional practices. Doing so will ensure that they will fully internalise what they have been taught and learn at their own pace.

Our E-Math educator

With over a decade worth of teaching experience, our tutors are well-versed in the Elementary Mathematics syllabus. 

Under their tutelage, many of the students have improved by leaps and bounds. 

e math Schedule and Fees - E Mathematics
2023 Schedules

Mark your calendars to experience learning with the best Math resources

Math can be stressful and tough! But it doesn’t have to be. Learn easy methods to tackle complex concepts with our friendly and experienced educator.

Sec 1 E. math

King's Arcade
9AM - 10.30AM
Ms Ariel Kang
New Class (WhatsApp +65 8748 8161 to Enquire)

Sec 2 E. math

Sec 3 E. math

New Class (WhatsApp +65 8748 8161 to Enquire)

Sec 4 E. math


Affordable with maximum value provided to you


  • Fees are fixed for Sec 1 to 2, and fixed for Sec 3 to 4. E.g. if you join in Sec 3 (Physical), your lesson fees will be SGD280/4 lessons until the end of Sec 4. However, if you join only in Sec 4, it will be SGD300/4 lessons until end of Sec 4. Note that Sec 2 and Sec 4 rate will start in December of the previous year.
  • We do not collect materials and registration fees.
Level Physical lesson (per 4 weeks) Online lesson (per 4 weeks)
Sec 1
SGD 280
SGD 260
Sec 2
SGD 280
SGD 260
Sec 3
SGD 300
SGD 280
Sec 4
SGD 300
SGD 280
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e math Schedule and Fees - E Mathematics

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