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Mathematics is a subject that, for many, requires a bit more than just classroom instruction. This is why at Tim Gan Math, our math tuition doesn’t just follow the regular curriculum but offers an optimized learning experience tailored to each individual.

Every student is different. Some prefer the intimacy of one-on-one sessions, while others thrive in group settings. Recognizing these varied needs, we’ve diversified our offerings:

  • Online Courses: Ideal for self-learners, our courses allow students to progress at their own pace. Each module is curated by expert educators to ensure comprehension and retention.
  • Private One-to-One Tuition: For students who require personalized attention, our one-on-one sessions ensure they get just that. This direct interaction with experienced tutors allows for immediate feedback and bespoke lesson planning.
  • Group Classes: Collaborative and engaging, our group classes offer the perfect blend of peer interaction and expert instruction. Students can share insights, ask questions, and enjoy a communal learning experience.

Enrolling in any of our math tuition classes grants students unrestricted access to our expansive online course library. Packed with instructional videos and solutions, these resources serve as an invaluable tool for revision and further learning.

Stuck on a complex problem? Need clarification on a topic? Our help is always just a click away. We prioritize the academic growth and understanding of our students, ensuring they’re never left in the dark.

Our unique approach to math tuition has produced countless success stories. From improved grades to heightened confidence in tackling math problems, our students consistently report positive outcomes.

In a world where education is rapidly evolving, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. Our commitment to excellence and versatility ensures that every student finds their perfect learning path with us. Dive into a transformative learning experience; discover why our math tuition is the preferred choice for so many. Join us and let us be a part of your mathematical journey!

Our centers are conveniently located at Bukit Timah (a 5-minute walk from HCI and NJC) and Kovan (a 15-minute walk from Kovan MRT).

Pre-University Level

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math tuition Math Tuition Classes

A Level H2 Mathematics & Integrated Programme Mathematics

Tutor: Timothy Gan

math tuition Math Tuition Classes
International Baccalaureate Programme Mathematics & Integrated Programme Mathematics

Tutor: Kwok

math tuition Math Tuition Classes

Integrated Programme Mathematics

Tutor: Chen Jun An

math tuition Math Tuition Classes

Elementary Mathematics

Tutor: Ariel Kang

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