5 Best Free H2 Math Resources for any JC student

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Timothy Gan

One reason why many students struggle to grasp the concepts of H2 Mathematics is attributed to the fact that different students have various learning styles and needs that may not be fully met during lesson time. To effectively bridge these gaps, utilising online tools are a great way to learn beyond the classroom!

Here are 5 tools to guide your learning in your H2 Math journey!

1. Desmos

Undoubtedly, many topics in H2 Math require the heavy usage of graphs, a fundamental component that many students struggle with as they are unable to fully visualise the equations needed.

Quick and easy to use, the Desmos calculator does not only serve as a good alternative to the graphic calculator, it also helps students save time with their saved programs! Ranging from the translation of graphs to Riemann Sum functions, Desmos is your at-hand guide in facilitating your understanding of H2 Maths!

To visualise Maclaurin Series functions:

To visualise Riemann Sum functions:

2. Symbolab

Struggling with the major topics in H2 Math? Here’s where Symbolab can help you!

Be it whether you are using it for differentiation, integration or vectors, all you need to do is to key in the equation you’re struggling with and Symbolab will provide accurate step-by-step workings to clarify your doubts! Plus, they provide insights as to which formulas need to be used, effectively reinforcing the concepts needed.

3. 100+ Free Essential Questions

With over 10 years of experience in teaching, Mr Gan has compiled a list of essential topical questions to fully recap what you need to know for H2 Math to ensure that you’re all set for exams! Be it whether you’re looking for a means to revise what you’ve learnt or simply searching for additional worksheets, Tim Gan Math is your one-stop solution in providing the help you need.

Coupled along with video explanations and handwritten solutions, these downloadable worksheets can effectively reinforce your learning and prepare you for your exams!

For full access to our H2 math question bank, please consider joining our H2 Math Tuition!

Free H2 Math Resources - 5 Topical Essential Questions For Any JC Student | Tim Gan Math Learning Centre

4. Free Online Mini Course

Widely known as the most content-heavy topic in the H2 Math syllabus, it is without a doubt that many students are unable to properly organise their learning points and master Vectors.

To bridge the gaps in students’ understanding for the topic, Tim Gan Math Learning Centre’s Vectors notes has comprehensively broken down the syllabus content into bite-sized concepts. Visualisation models and summary pages are just some of the ways we adopt to master Vectors.

If you’re in search of high-quality H2 Math Resources, join us and experience learning with us by signing up for a 30-days free online mini-course on Vectors today! Here, you’ll gain access to video explanations and handwritten solutions to lay a foundation in any student’s understanding on the topic!

5. Geogebra

Whether you’re practicing Pure Math or Statistics topics, the ability to visualise graphs and models plays a fundamental role in mastering H2 Math.

Here’s where Geogebra can help you! An online calculator that is able to plot 3-dimensional objects and statistical graphs, Geogebra can be your at-hand guide in honing your visualisation skills and understanding of the topics.

5 Best Free H2 Math Resources for JC Students | Tim Gan Math Learning Centre

Some useful programs include:

Linear Regressions:
3D calculator to help in 3D Vectors:

Due to the way math is usually taught in school, a lot of people just think that it’s boring and hard. Who says math has to be boring? Math is simply a language and it can be fun once you give it a chance and learn how to communicate with it. There are tons of free online tools out there that can help you to understand math better. It just requires the right approach. I hope that you are able to find the resources in this blog useful for your learning.

Thank you for reading and happy learning!

Published: 18th January 2024
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