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2018 MJC Promo Q8

2018 MJC Promo Q8 (a) (i) Given that $y=cos left( {{text{e}}^{2x}}-1 right)$, show that $frac{{{text{d}}^{2}}y}{text{d}{{x}^{2}}}-2frac{text{d}y}{text{d}x}+4y{{text{e}}^{4x}}=0$. By further differentiation of this result, find the Maclaurin series of the function $cos left(

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2017 ACJC Promo Q10

2017 ACJC Promo Q10 (a) Given that $x$ is small enough for terms involving ${{x}^{4}}$ and above to be ignored, use the Maclaurin series for $sin x$ and $cos x$

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2022 HCI P1 Q12

2022 HCI P1 Q12 A cargo drone is used to unload First Aid kit at an accident location in a remote mountain area. The First Aid kit is unloaded vertically

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A 5-Step Guide on How to Study for H2 Math, to Help You Get Ahead

H2 mathematics is one of the hardest Maths exams that you will have to sit in your MOE Schooling days. However, it doesn’t have to be hard. There are certain techniques that can make your studying more enjoyable which will allow you to study more efficiently. To make sure that you pass or ace this exam, you need to learn these tips and learn them fast. This blog post will provide you with a couple of ways in which you can do just that! I have also included links to other resources which will help you gain more insight into how to study for this exam.

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2009 HCI Promo Q3

2009 HCI Promo Q3 Expand $frac{{{x}^{2}}+2x}{2{{x}^{2}}+1}$ in ascending powers of $x$ up to and including the term in ${{x}^{5}}$. State the range of values of $x$ for which this expansion

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2019 RI P2 Q2

2019 RI P2 Q2 (a) The curve $y=text{f}left( x right)$ passes through the point $left( 0,81 right)$ and has gradient given by $frac{text{d}y}{text{d}x}={{left( frac{1}{3}y-15x right)}^{frac{1}{3}}}$. Find the first three non-zero

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