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ACJC Hypothesis Testing Tutorial Q11

ACJC Hypothesis Testing Tutorial Q11 The random variable $X$ has a normal distribution with mean $mu $ (unknown) and variance ${{sigma }^{2}}$ (known). To test the null hypothesis ${{H}_{0}}:mu ={{mu

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2022 JPJC P2 Q10

2022 JPJC P2 Q10 The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is the primary method of regulating traffic in Singapore. ERP rates are determined based on traffic conditions. If the average

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2018 CJC P2 Q10

2018 CJC P2 Q10 In a large busy restaurant, the mean time taken for a server to clear a table and set it for the next guest is $4.5$ minutes.

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2022 MI P2 Q10

2022 MI P2 Q10 A marine biologist claims that the mean mass of an adult sockeye salmon is at least $4.2$kg. The mass, $x$kg, of each adult sockeye salmon in

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2022 CJC P2 Q12

2022 CJC P2 Q12 A virologist claims that due to the introduction of vaccine, the recovery period from a certain type of flu-like virus is on average $7$ days. However,

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2021 ASRJC P2 Q11

2021 ASRJC P2 Q11 An airline which charter various flights within the United States of America has a flight route that travels from New Orleans to Miami. The airline claims

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2022 ASRJC P2 Q8

2022 ASRJC P2 Q8 In a public swimming centre, the time spent by a randomly chosen user in using its facilities is $T$ minutes, is known to be normally distributed.

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2022 ACJC Promo Q9

2022 ACJC Promo Q9 It is given that $text{f}left( x right)={{x}^{2}}-6x+5$, for $1<xle 5$,$text{g}left( x right)={{x}^{2}}-6x+5$, for $1<x<3$,$text{h}left( x right)=left{ begin{matrix}ln x,text{for}0<xle 1, \{{x}^{2}}-6x+5text{for}1<xle 5, \end{matrix} right.$ and that $text{h}left(

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2022 SAJC Promo Q6

2022 SAJC Promo Q6 The function $text{f}$ is defined by $text{f}:xmapsto {{x}^{2}}+4x-4$ for $xin mathbb{R}$, $x<-2$. (a) (i) Explain why ${{text{f}}^{-1}}$ exists. [1] (ii) Sketch on the same diagram, the

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2022 TJC Promo Q9

2022 TJC Promo Q9 The function $text{f}$ is defined by $text{f}:xmapsto ln left( {{x}^{2}}-4 right)$ for $2<xle 8$. (i) Find ${{text{f}}^{-1}}left( x right)$ and state the domain of ${{text{f}}^{-1}}$. [3]

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