4 Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Fall In Love With Math

Timothy Gan

Math is one of the few subjects that will always be a part of a student’s syllabus until the end of their scholarly journey. Given this universal fact, it’s only logical to develop their love and interest in mathematics at an early age.

Research has proven that once good habits, and in our case, study habits, are established early on in a child’s life, they become nearly unbreakable and are certain to stick with them for the rest of their lives.

So, to help them breeze through one of the most challenging subjects in their academic career, we’ve collated four ways in which you can nourish their love for maths right from the start.

Be a good example that they can look up to

When speaking about maths, refrain from putting it in a bad light in front of your child, no matter how terrible your experience was with it before. Doing so can induce them with math anxiety and scare them away from learning and enjoying the subject well before they’ve even started.

Instead, become a good example to allow them to mimic your attitude and disposition towards mathematics. You can do so by simply being confident and proving to your kids how beneficial it is to have smarts in mathematics.

Simple acts such as counting small change for proper budgeting when purchasing snacks, summing up their total before the cashier does, and other everyday concurrences are excellent examples. These small things can significantly impact your child and motivate them to learn more about math.

Expose them to math on the daily

To further fuel their fresh interest, it’s best to expose them to maths first-hand as much as possible. For starters, have them join you in cooking and baking. Following cooking recipes and instructions reinforces their knowledge (such as counting) and introduces them to newer concepts like fractions, quantities, and more. 

Another splendid idea is to make them help you count the sum total on food shopping trips. You can start small by instructing them to sum up the total costs of the snacks they choose and then gradually bump up the challenge until they can provide a close estimate of everything in the cart(s).

Stay in the know with your child’s math learning

Paying keen attention to what your child is currently learning at school is another vital aspect of their learning. Despite sounding redundant, be involved in their studies and provide any support they may require.

Knowing which math concepts they’re currently tackling allows you to also quiz and reinforce what they’ve learned outside of class.

Enrol them in extra maths tuition

As a final recommendation, depending on the level of study they’re at in mathematics – getting additional maths tuition and the such, is a surefire way to promote their love for math. No matter how excellent their school’s teaching methods may be, the fact remains that they’re tailored to be effective at a group level.

JC maths tuition, on the other hand, is far more personalised due to the smaller class size, environment, and resources.


Garnering interest in mathematics early on ensures that your child won’t be easily put off by its increasing complexity, giving them an edge over their peers. Support them in every step of their academic journey by enrolling them in IP maths tuition for success in school and real life.

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Published: 25th March 2022
Written by
Timothy Gan
This is Tim. Tim loves to teach math. Tim seeks to improve his teaching incessantly! Help Tim by telling him how he can do better.
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