The JC Math Tuition 5-step Guide | How to find the best H2 Math Tuition for you

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In this article, we will be looking at how to find the best JC math tuition programme (not JC Math tutors) for your learning needs. We have already covered the traits of a good h2 math tutor extensively.

From the Oxford Languages, the word “programme” is being defined as “a set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.”

So when you have decided to engage a JC Math Tuition, you are essentially subscribing to a set of teaching measures, systems and pedagogies with a particular long-term goal i.e. improving or strengthening your foundation in H2 math and ultimately do well in your A-level.

Note that, this is not just about engaging the H2 math tutor but the whole learning system to which the tutor subscribes.

J2 Math Tuition
JC Math Tuition at Tim Gan Math

Is JC H2 Math Tuition Necessary?

First of all, let us address the elephant in the room, is H2 Math Tuition Necessary?

Answer: No, it is not necessary.

Then, why would students still attend tuition at the JC level? These are JC students, young adults who have little to no extra time for things they don’t need and yet they chose to have tuition.

In my opinion, tuition is just like any other service industry, there are public and private sectors that rely on each other in an ecosystem. This doesn’t mean that Public Healthcare is not good, oftentimes people opt for private healthcare because they want to save time or find a healthcare provider that has good reviews and thus lightens the load for the public system. Whether you want to admit it or not, such codependence exists even in the education systems.

Speaking from my personal experience as an ex-MOE teacher, I didn’t mind at all that my students are having extra help outside of school as I can allocate more time and resources to the weaker students or students with no help. It isn’t a zero-sum game. However, MOE teachers are not supposed to vouch for such controversial statements though most sensible teachers would agree.

Public and Private Tuition

What are the differences between attending math tuition at the A-level and at other levels?

Having tuition during Primary schooling years is very much different to having tuition at the JC level, as more learning responsibilities and decision marking are transferred to students at JC levels. From my experience, more than 80% of students under my tutelage make their own decision when it comes to their JC math tuition.

For example, when Tom attended primary school tuition, the tuition centre changed the tutor during the term. Tom didn’t mind having a new tutor because his friends, Dick and Harry are there to keep him accompanied.

Now, when Tom enters Junior College and joins H2 Math tuition with a tutor that he likes but halfway through, there is a change in tutor, subsequently, Tom will leave too.

These are very common scenarios in the tuition scenes. Because during primary schooling days, making friends is primary and learning academically is secondary. Rightfully so, as children learn through play. However, at tertiary levels, learning academically is primary and making friends is secondary when it comes to attending tuition. The quality of tutors become more an important trait at JC math tuition as mathematics becomes more abstract.

What makes an H2 Math Tuition Program the best?

The best H2 Math tuition curriculum should be able to address students learning needs. It has clear goals and learning outcomes tailored to the needs of students. The best math curriculums are not only about the content. They need to also include engaging practices that build confidence, encourage questioning in a safe environment, and offer extra help outside of the classroom.

Here are some of the effective math teaching strategies you should look out for in an H2 Math Tuition

  • A systematic and explicit approach to classroom instructions
  • Visual representations of abstract concepts
  • Incorporation of Peer-Assisted instruction
  • The ongoing feedback loop, formative assessment and tests

The top 5 traits that make an H2 Math Tuition the best

These are the traits that we think a solid math tuition programme should have.

1. It has a JC H2 math specialist

Learning at the tertiary level, tutor specialisation is key. Any tutor who claims that they can confidently provide the best resources and learning environment without specialisation is not giving their best. At the JC H2 level, there are simply too many things to cover. From content mastery to lesson pedagogies to understanding students’ misconceptions. You need time to hone these skills as a subject expert.

Based on Gladwell’s 10-000 hour rule, the key to achieving true expertise in any field is simply a matter of practising, albeit in the correct way, for at least 10 000 hours. That is approximately 417 days, however, if you devote 3 hours each day it will take a little of 9 years of practice.

2. It has good learning resources

2 hours of lessons per week Is simply not enough. The academic rigour required is immense at the H2 math level and many J2 students can vouch for it. Consistency in H2 Math or any J2 H2 subjects is key, But how daunting is it to pick up your tutorial questions and start doing them without a clue? That’s why we have

  • H2 Math Question Bank (huge library of questions with video solutions) for our students to access, sorted by topics, year, school and etc.
  • Worksheets filled with QR codes of the suggested video solutions.
  • H2 Math summary notes for quick chapter recap
  • Online portal with recorded lessons and extra practices. (Signup for a free account here)
  • An online forum like Reddit for students to post their questions so that I can record a video solution for them
  • WhatsApp consultation

We do it because we know 2 hours of lessons each week is just not enough.

H2 Math Tuition Resourcefulness
Video Solutions and Question Bank

3. It creates a safe environment for students to ask questions

A safe, secure learning environment is one of the most important factors for ensuring that students are confident to share their ideas and learn. This is easily assessed by students. Do you feel that you are able to consult the tutor after class? Have all your doubts been cleared? Do the tutor actually follow up with you about all the questions you asked him? All these are important questions that a student can ask to see if it’s actually a safe environment for learning.

4. It has a structured curriculum

Having a structured curriculum means that learning objectives are clear. Learning objectives are an essential part of any learning course. Setting them up, in the beginning, ensures that students keep these in mind as they work their way through the course.

The success of a learning objective depends on how well it is written. An objective should be concise and describe what the student will be able to do at the end of the course. It should also be specific, which means that it should not only talk about what skills are learned but also when and where they are used. They provide a guide for students when reviewing materials and outline the standards they are expected to know.

Learning objectives are the most effective if they are actionable and measurable. This ensures that students are able to take the proper measures and steps to revise for exams.

Structure of H2 math Curriculum

5. It has a strong and healthy teacher-student relationship

It is no secret, that students’ relationships with their teachers can have a profound impact on their success. One of the best ways to improve student achievement was to focus on improving teacher-student relationships.

Teachers are not only teaching content but instilling social skills and sharing interesting ideas with their students. This means it’s possible to reignite the love for the subject if students have already given up hope.

What are the different types of JC Math Tuition programme in Singapore?

Before we start exploring what best suits your learning needs, firstly we need to know the different types of J2H2 tuition that exist in the market. Bearing in mind that I am an H2 Math tutor myself, I know that my opinion will be biased but that doesn’t stop me from trying to provide my review as honest and as unbiased as I possibly can.

There are mainly three types of JCH2 Tuition Programmes in Singapore. Take note, these generally apply to all JCH2 subjects, not just mathematics.

1. Tuition Centres with JC Math Tuition Specialist Tutor

These are tuition centres where JC students generally attend for that specific H2 math tutor. One thing is for sure, most tuition centres that claim that they have specialist tutors actually don’t. Then how do we identify such tuition centres with specialist tutors? We will answer this question in the later section.

2. Tuition Centres with every subject and level from primary to JC levels

These are tuition centres that usually provide tuition services for all levels, i.e. primary level all the way to JC level.

Typical replies after enquiring about H2 subjects are,

“We need to wait for 3 students to start a class”,

“This branch doesn’t offer this JCH2 Subject, please visit this other branch” and “We only have 1 class for the said JCH2 Subject”.

These tuition centres are easily identified and generally doesn’t have the resources or capacity to provide the quality JC H2 tuition as compared to tuition centre with specialist tutors.

3. Private 1-1 Home JC Math Tuition

Private 1-1 home tuition is a popular option for students who want convenience and 1-1 attention in learning. This usually comes at a higher cost as compared to the other options if you are looking at a qualified and experienced tutor. We did a comparison of the pros and cons of hiring a private tutor versus group tuition here. We also have a pool of highly qualified Mathematics private tutors if you are looking for private tutoring services.

How to identify Tuition Centres with JC H2 subject specialists tutors?

Not all tuition centres that claimed that they have specialist tutors actually have them, then how do we identify them?

Here is a simple 5-step guideline for spotting JCH2 subjects specialist tutors:

1. Tutors who teach at the centre for more than 3 years at the centre

It’s a known fact that in this industry, it is very difficult for tuition centres to find great tutors, let alone retaining them. Great tutors will not stay if they are not remunerated fairly, rightfully so, as they can get better prospects elsewhere by setting up the centre themselves or get hired by other centres. A 3-year period is generally a good rule of thumb to see if a specialist tutor is a good fit and happy at the tuition centre as a tutoring contract usually would not last after a 3-year period.

2. Read and search for their reviews on Google or various websites

To gauge their teaching experience and also their teaching styles, just do a quick review search on Google.

Check the “People often mention” section: This section can be found on Google’s review page for each tuition centre. It provides a quick overview and highlights specific aspects or experiences that people frequently mention in their reviews. This information can give you valuable insights into the centre’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall quality of its lessons.

Consider multiple branches: If the tuition centre has more than one branch, it’s important to search for reviews related to all of their branches. Each branch may have different tutors or teaching methods, so checking reviews for each location can give you a more comprehensive understanding of the centre’s overall performance.

Remember, reviews play a crucial role in helping potential customers or users make informed decisions. They provide real-life experiences and opinions that can give you a clearer picture of what to expect when interacting with the tuition centre. By considering these reviews, you can better assess the suitability and quality of the tuition centre’s offerings.

Using the People Often Mention on Google reviews

In addition to Google reviews, you can also find listings of tuition centres on blog posts such as “The Best Tuition Centres in Singapore by Best in Singapore”, “Top Tuition Centre in Singapore by Smart Singapore”, “Top Tuition Centre in Singapore by Mirchelley” or “Best JC H2 Math Tuition by Smile Tutor”. These articles are independently written and endorsed by editors who have assessed the centres based on their merits.

These blog posts serve as another valuable source of information for students and parents seeking math tuition classes. They provide an unbiased perspective and contribute to transparency and trust in the quality of the tuition centres.

By exploring these articles, you can gain further insights into the reputation, recognition, and overall performance of the tuition centres, helping you make well-informed decisions about the best option for your educational needs.

Smart Singapore
JC Math Tuition The JC Math Tuition 5-step Guide | How to find the best H2 Math Tuition for you

3. Tuition Centres that focus on 1 subject has the highest chance of having JC H2 Subject Specialists

Just like any other service industry, you would not bring a sick adult to see a paediatrician because specialisation is key. Especially at a higher level of education, the cognitive dissonance faced by students is immense. Not everyone can teach and explain concepts at that level. It takes years and experience to develop the resources and skills to meet the demand and rigour of these academic subjects. Hence, when you are looking for JCH2 tuition, it is highly recommended to find a true specialist tutor. As it would save you time and money.

Some examples of such tuition centres are

H2 Economics Tuition – ThatEconsTutor

H2 Chemistry Tuition – Chemistry Guru

4. Tuition Centres that have significant JC students based on their students’ pool

When there is a long queue in front of a chicken rice stall, it’s worth a try as the likelihood of it being good is high though there is a slight chance that you may not like it. Specialist tutors are like that too. Not all would suit your learning needs but one of them is very likely to meet your expectations.

One thing is for sure, JC students are busy and are wise not to waste time on things that they deem to be unbeneficial. Thus. the number of JC students under the tutor’s tutelage is a good gauge and indication to at least give the trial lesson a shot.

The Best H2 Math Tuition
2019 H2 Math NUS Lecture

5. Look for their H2 notes and online resources

Content is king. It centres around the students rather than itself. You know where your students are at any given time, what they want to learn, and what weaknesses they are working on. Content is the way in which a tutor communicates with the students. The better you are at communicating through your content, the more likely the students are able to excel in the subject.

H2 Economics A-Level TYS Resources – ETG

H2 Math Free Resources – Free Essential Topical Questions with downloadable H2 math notes and worksheets!

How to find the best H2 Math Tuition that fits my learning needs?

Knowing your learning needs is crucial in finding your best H2 math tuition option. So here are some questions you may want to consider asking before deciding.

If you are totally lost in lectures and tutorials, then I believe it boils down to the budget. Because for a private tutor to teach you all main concepts from scratch, it will cost you a lot for extra tuition sessions.

For specialist tutors, it will be cheaper but you may need to go through their online courses, which not all students are comfortable with. We do provide online courses for topics students miss at our centre.

If you are losing marks because of conceptual misunderstanding it’s better to go through the concepts in each chapter thoroughly. In this case, you might want to consider finding a specialist tutor to go through the core concepts with you using their notes and curriculum. Do note that, private tutors are able to go through concepts with you too, however, they are very likely to use your school notes which they may not be familiar with.

If you are losing marks because of careless mistakes, this could be an easy fix by just practising papers and using free online resources. And engage private tutors when you really need that extra help to check your homework and thought process. Do note that, specialists tutors check students homework too but not on a frequent basis unless you ask.

The curriculum structure in lessons is probably one of the main reasons why students choose specialist tutors over private 1-1 tuition.

Many students joined us after attempting private tuition for months. When asked why they changed of mind to a group setting, they would likely say “lack of structure”. The private tutor comes to the house and waits for questions instead of planning a curriculum for the student.

If the curriculum structure is not important to you as you already know what questions to ask, then a private 1-1 tuition may be ideal for you.

Do you need quality resources like videos solutions, an H2 math “Netflix” account where you can binge-watch all the video solutions? Do you need a place for tutors to record video solutions instead of just WhatsApp scribbles? If you do, then consider joining a specialist tutor. Not all JC math tuition provides video solutions, a quick search on Google and you will know. Consider joining our classes for our question bank!

If quality resources are not important, then private tuition is great!

Many students join us and indicated that their grades hit a plateau and no matter what they do, they can’t seem to improve. This is very likely due to the lack of exposure to different higher-order thinking questions or long questions. In this case, I would suggest finding a tutor with a massive library of questions which they can ‘prescribe’ a list of questions for you to practice.

In this case, both private and specialist tutors are ideal for the job. However, private tutors are unlikely to be able to showcase their repertoire of resources.


Whatever JC math tuition service you engage in, the best H2 math tuition for you is always the one that meets your learning needs. As usual, I will always encourage students to attend a trial lesson to see if the teaching style suits their learning needs.

In any case, I’m only a call away if you need my help! Consider joining our H2 math tuition classes for a one-stop solution for all your H2 Math needs! All the best!

JC Math Tuition - The best H2 Math Tuition
Published: 20th September 2023
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