Ashley Toh

Mr Gan is a very helpful and lively teacher. He will always actively engage in classes and would always make an effort to clear doubts in classes or through sms. He also teaches very effective and efficient methods to do math. After attending his lessons, i found myself to be much more proficient in doing math.

Brian Shim

I first found out about Mr Gan when I was browsing online, 1 month after i entered JC. At that time, our school started with one of the hardest topics; vectors, in which I didnt understand at all. I decided to try Mr Gan’s tuition as it was closer to my house, and provided flexible timings. And I’m glad I took that opportunity. As I was naturally weak in maths (i totally didnt have the affinity for it), I needed constant coaching and logic to the endless formulas that maths provided. Mr Gan not only helped me with my maths formula, but also provided us with his own simplified mathematics notes that significantly helped our learning. His key eye and simple notes helped us to break down each topic, and in hindsight now, I safely can say that it was the reason why I was able to succeed in my Maths. As a result, I went from a U in my J1 exams, to an A in my final A-level exams. To say that Mr Gan helped me is a clear understatement. He has significantly and fundamentally assisted me in not only understanding new concepts, but also in retaining these concepts as well as motivating me to practice and as a result, excel in my Maths. It is safe to say that, without his tuitorage and lessons, I would have never been able to achieve a distinction in Maths.

Emma Tang

Mr Gan is a really genuine and enthusiastic teacher. He puts in the extra hours to ensure our lessons are well-prepared and that his resources are conveniently accessible which allows us to learn much more efficient. During his lessons, Mr Gan is always enthusiastic and patient, which has helped me to understand concepts much better and motivates me to do better in mathematics. 😊