2020 NJC J2 CT1 Q2

Timothy Gan

2020 NJC J2 CT1 Q2

A teacher is conducting a lesson on angles. She asks Bob to verify that the angle of elevation from a fixed point $P$ to a fixed point $A$ at the top of a building is $\theta$ radians where $0<\theta <\frac{\pi }{2}$. Instead of standing at point $P$, Bob stood at point $B$ to take the measurement, shown in the diagram below. 

2020 NJC J2 CT1 Q2

The angle $BAP$ is denoted by $\beta$. The height of the building $OA$ and distance $AP$ are fixed constants $h$ and $a$ respectively. $OPB$ forms a straight line. 


Show that $AB=\frac{a}{\cos \beta -k\sin \beta }$, where $k$ is a constant expressed in terms of $\theta $.



Given that $\beta$ is sufficiently small angle, show that

$AB\approx a\left( 1+m\beta +n{{\beta }^{2}} \right)$,

where $m$ and $n$ are constants, in terms of $k$, to be determined.



It is further given that $k=2$. Find the set of positive values of $\beta$ for the approximation found in part (ii) to be valid, giving your answers to 4 significant figures.


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Published: 9th June 2022

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